Suzuki has quietly released their 2015 USA scooter lineup. The lack of fanfare matches the lack of changes, as Suzuki has rolled over all three Burgman models with just a few minor tweaks for 2015. Perhaps this was to be expected as Suzuki made big changes for 2013 and 2014.

The best news for 2015 is that Suzuki hasn’t upped their prices. The Burgman 200 ABS is still a great deal at $4999, while the larger 400 and 650cc models remain at $7999 and $10,999 respectively.
The only updates made for 2015 aside from color changes were a few tweaks to the Burgman 400 (above). This model now comes with a passenger backrest similar to the one on the 650. Suzuki also added hand guards and changed the rims from black to a bronze color. Gone are the red edging on the wheels and red seat stitching.

The other noteworthy change for 2015 is the Burgman 200 will now be offered only in white (“Brilliant White”) instead of silver (“Cool Silver”). The Burgman 200 looks great in white, but it’s a risky choice since the little Burg only comes in one color. Suzuki also switched the lone color option for the Burgman 400 but they played this safer but merely switching between shades of black. Instead of Glass Sparkle Black there’s a new Metallic Matte Black No 2, which appears identical. Suzuki didn’t make any such posturing with the Burgman 650 and merely stuck to offering their handsome but absurdly named “Metallic Mat Fibroin Gray” for another year. In case you’re wondering, fibroin is an insoluble protein made by spiders. Now you know.

Despite the status quo 2015 scooter lineup, it’s still comforting to see these popular scooters return. The Burgman 200 is a unique offering in America, while the larger Burgman’s are stalwarts of the maxi scene and to lose them would a blow. The Burgman 400 and 650 have been sold here since 2003 and 2004 respectively, during which time they’ve cemented their status as legendary maxiscooters. The 650 in particular epitomizes the maxi concept.



Genuine has been making news recently for both good and bad reasons. The good news is the recent announcement of a handsome new derivative of the Buddy. New for 2015 is the Buddy Riot, which is a handsome take on the otherwise fairly cute Buddy design. The Buddy Riot uses gunmetal grey paint - or “Limited Edition
Matte Platinum Metallic” if you ask Genuine - which is accompanied by matte black accents.

The result is a slightly sinister version of the Buddy which slots in well between the cute regular model and more nefarious past editions like the Blackjack and Psycho. The Buddy Riot is being offered in both 50cc and 125cc sizes, with pricing at $1999 and $2799 respectively. Besides the paintwork, the Buddy Riot adds blacked out elements (wheels, bezels, rear rack), sporty mirrors, and a low profile seat. Genuine also snazzed up the front brake with a new rotor design, a braided brake line, a splash of red paint on the caliper and “sport” brake levers. Also tweaked is the suspension, which gets stiffer forks (125cc only) and an adjustable rear shock (both versions).

In less upbeat news, the 2013 ousting of Genuine CEO and all around good guy Philip McCaleb appears to be less amiable than initially assumed. This situation has
been in the news in recent months as a result of a lawsuit filed this summer by McCaleb. The suit brings to light all sorts of conspiratory and nefarious behaviour by the new board members that arrived in 2011 when a struggling Genuine sought outside investment during the tough years after the 2008 recession. In short, McCaleb claims that new board member (and current CEO) Dorothy Hanley spearheaded the creation of a “toxic” work environment where McCaleb was mistreated, pressured out and manipulated into selling his shares for well below value.

This suit likely won’t be settled anytime soon, but our sympathies certainly go out to McCaleb who has invested a lot of energy into the scooter scene in North America through both Genuine Scooter Company and ScooterWorks. More reading over at
Modern Buddy


Yamaha has announced the return of their perennially popular small scooters for 2015. The 2015 editions of the Vino Classic, Zuma (aka BWs), Zuma FX (aka Zuma X) and Zuma 125 will be arriving in both American and Canadian showrooms later this month. Unsurprisingly, Yamaha hasn’t made any updates to these models for 2015 except new colors, but its still nice to see these stalwarts of the scooter scene back for another year.

One new theme for these returning 2015 models is red and white paint jobs, with 3 of the 4 scooters available in this layout. The Vino gets “Spartan” red paint with white accents, while the Zuma FX and Zuma 125 are being offered in white (or extremely pale silver) paint with sporty red accents.
Yamaha-Zuma-125-USA-Silver-Red Yamaha-Zuma-X-2015-Red
2015 Colors:
Vino: Spartan Red
Zuma: Dark Metallic Green, Matte Titan (Grey)
Zuma FX: Team Yamaha Blue & White, Alpine White & Heat Red
Zuma 125: Stardust Silver, Competition Silver & Heat Red

USA MSRPs remain unchanged for 2015 at $2290 (Vino), $2590 (Zuma, Zuma FX) and $3390 (Zuma 125).

There’s no word from Yamaha USA on a 2015 version of the
Majesty, which isn’t a good sign considering the Majesty is
an older model and Yamaha Canada has already announced it there, indicating that the Yamaha has made their full announcement of returning models. However, Yamaha USA may simply be skipping a year - as they did in 2011 - or they may have something else up their sleeve like the newer Majesty currently being offered to overseas markets. Fingers crossed for a new maxi from Yamaha.

While the bigger Majesty may be in trouble, there’s good reason to think a smaller machine bearing this name may be in the pipeline. California’s emissions people
recently approved Yamaha’s Majesty S aka SMax for sale in the state, indicating Yamaha plans to release this model in America eminently. The Majesty S (XC155) looks poised to take on Honda’s PCX150 in the popular mid-sized market. This scooter would fill the void left by the aging Riva 125 when it departed after 2006.



Vespa has wasted no time in announcing the Sprint as a sporty derivative of their new Primavera platform. The recently unveiled Vespa Sprint will be sold alongside the Primavera in the USA and Canada, much like the Vespa LX and S duo of the previous small frame Vespa generation.

Vespa is introducing the Sprint in both 50cc and 155cc versions in the USA, while Vespa Canada thus far has only announced the 155cc. Vespa Canada has announced standard ABS, while Vespa USA hasn’t released all the details but the price implies ABS will standard on the Sprint 155.


The Sprint is mechanically identical to the Primavera, but achieves a mature look with the trapezoidal headlight, new mirrors and larger 14 spoke 12” rims with low profile rubber. The Vespa Sprint also uses a number of red accents including on the coil springs and glowing red upper edges on the front vents. The Sprint shares the same instrument panel as the Primavera, but with a switch to red backlighting and red speedometer needle. Vespa has also created a number of sportier accessories for the Sprint including blacked out rims, racing stripe decals and a solo seat (shown below left).

Vespa has talked about a new instrument panel for the North American market, much like the departing Vespa S which used different gauges than the LX. However thus far we haven’t seen any new gauge layouts and the Sprint is scheduled to go on sale in the USA mid-May and is set to be arriving in Canada this month, so it additional changes look unlikely.

When it arrives, the Sprint will be available in both 50cc and 155cc versions as early 2015 models. USA Pricing for the Sprint 50 is similar to the Primavera at $3699 (50), while the 155 is up $400 at $5099 which likely accounts for standard ABS. Vespa Canada is listing the price at $5295, which definitely includes ABS. Canadian colors are Yellow (Giallo Positano) and Shiny Black. No word yet on USA colors. Check out the
Sprint page for full details.