Kymco USA recently updated their website to reflect what appears to be their 2015 scooter lineup. The result is a dramatic trimming of models from 13 to 7, but we expect that count will soon rise as new “X” and “R” versions of the Super 8 are planned for 2015 per Kymco’s official Facebook.

For the time being, the
Super 8 50 & 150, Movie 150 and Xciting 500 have all been moved to the “non-current models” section of Kymco’s USA website, along with the 50cc versions of the Compagno and Like scooters. The larger Compagno 110 and Like 200 will return for 2015. The discontinuation of the Xciting 500 isn’t a big surprise considering it’s an aging model and Kymco has the newer MyRoad 700, but the cancelling of the Movie is unexpected.


As mentioned, Kymco has new “X” and “R” versions of their Super 8 planned (X is above), which they showed last month at the
AIMExpo. These appear to be a substantially different model than the outgoing Super 8. At first glance, this model appears to not be a Super 8 at all, but rather a naked camo version of their Agility model now being sold under the Super 8 name. Similarly, the new Super 8 R is a sportier version of the Agility with different decals and tires. Both 50 and 150 sizes of these new scooters use the 2 piece buddy seat currently seen on the Agility 50. Perhaps the aim here is to move the Super 8 to the lower cost end of the lineup. The regular Agility 50 is offered for $1699, so we expect the new Super 8 X and R will be priced under $2000 as well compared to $2199 for the discontinued Super 8 50.

A bright spot for 2015 is a new 50th Anniversary edition of the Like 200 (left), which replaces the Like LX as the premium variant of the Like 200. The MSRP for this metallic gold scooter is $100 more than the regular Like 200 at $2799. For the extra funds you get the fancy gold paint and black accent decals which do look quite nice.

2015 USA Models:
Agility 50 / 125, Super 8 X & R, Compagno 110i, Like 200, Movie 150, People GT 300i, Downtown 300i, MyRoad 700i



Today Honda quietly announced the 2015 versions of their returning scooter models. As expected, the Ruckus, Forza and Metropolitan (Giorno in Canada) are back and largely unchanged. Accompanying these returning models in showrooms for 2015 is the PCX 150, which was heavily updated and announced much earlier. We’ve covered the changes to the PCX150 in an earlier news post and on the PCX page, so here we’ll take a look at the updates to the returning models and comment on the health of Honda’s lineup.
USA Pricing for the returning scooters is unchanged at $1999 (Metropolitan), $2649 (Ruckus) and $5599 (Forza), with the updated PCX150 slotting in at $3449 (Honda Canada hasn’t announced pricing yet). Color options are unchanged as well for the Ruckus and Forza. The Forza will again be available only in Pure Red, with Canadians again getting the extra option of Seal Silver Metallic. The Ruckus is now entering its 4th year with the same color options (Black and White/Red).

The USA market Metropolitan fared a little better with one change to its three color option list. For 2015 a two tone color combo of White and Grey (shown) replaces the outgoing Candy Orange/Black combo. Honda Canada didn’t change any of the colors there, but they did spruce up the color names. There was a big shift from two word color names (i.e. Candy Orange) to three word names (i.e. Candy Blaze Orange). Fancy words like “Pearl” and “Gemini” were also liberally sprinkled throughout. Yes, it’s an exciting time to reading Honda press releases. A full year by year color list is at the bottom of the
Metropolitan page.

While the news for most 2015 models is status quo, Honda does have a great lineup right now. The PCX 150 and Forza are both new and great machines that won the MSG Scooter of the Year readers poll for 2013 and 2014 respectively.
The Metropolitan / Giorno was also a brand new model for 2013, so only the Ruckus is an older model and that scooter is seemingly a timeless icon. It looks just as good as it did 12 years ago when it was introduced.

What Honda ought to do is flesh out their lineup with new machines at both ends of the spectrum. What’s missing is a modern styled 50cc and a maxi replacement for the Silverwing (2002 - 2013). The Ruckus and Metropolitan are both solid machines, but they appeal to distinct market niches. A broadly appealing modern 50cc like the Honda
Dunk or Dio could be a strong seller to the mainstream practical market at the right price. At the other end of the spectrum, Honda needs a new maxi above 500cc. Their new-ish 580cc Silverwing GT (right) would fit the task. Maybe for 2016?


Two months ago we wrote about how Yamaha received California emissions approval for their new XC155 model, known as the Majesty S and SMAX overseas. Indeed its release was near, as Yamaha USA and Canada simultaneously announced this design as an additional 2015 model bearing the SMAX name.

We’ve exhaustively researched this new model with a new
SMAX page. Briefly, the SMAX lands as a new mid sized scooter that is targeted at machines like Honda’s PCX 150 and Kymco’s Movie 150. In comparison, the SMAX boasts a bit more legroom and fancy engine technology like roller rocker arms and dynamic closed loop fuel injection. The SMAX makes an impressive 14.8 HP from it’s 155cc, but it’s also hauling around 329 lbs so performance is closer to average than class leading.

The SMAX is landing in showrooms now at an MSRP of $3690 (USA) or $3999 (Canada). Color options for 2015 are Matte Titan (silver) or Aquamarine Blue, which Yamaha Canada calls Deep Purplish Blue. We’ll take one in silver.

UPDATE: Yamaha Canada just announced the return of the TMAX (left). When it was omitted from Yamaha’s earlier announcements we assumed that was end, but the TMAX is actually back with updates. The front end has been restyled and several new features added including inverted forks and remote storage unlock. All the details are on the TMAX page.

For 2015 the Canadian price is unchanged at $10,499. Color options are just Dark Metallic Gray.



Suzuki has quietly released their 2015 USA scooter lineup. The lack of fanfare matches the lack of changes, as Suzuki has rolled over all three Burgman models with just a few minor tweaks for 2015. Perhaps this was to be expected since Suzuki made big changes for 2013 and 2014.

Some of the best news for 2015 is that Suzuki hasn’t upped their prices. The Burgman 200 ABS is still a great deal at $4999, while the larger 400 and 650cc models remain at $7999 and $10,999 respectively.
The only updates made for 2015 aside from color changes were a few tweaks to the Burgman 400 (above). This model now comes with a passenger backrest similar to the one on the 650. Suzuki also added hand guards and changed the rims from black to a bronze color. Gone are the red edging on the wheels and red seat stitching.

The other noteworthy change for 2015 is the Burgman 200 will now be offered only in white (“Brilliant White”) instead of silver (“Cool Silver”). The Burgman 200 looks great in white, but it’s a risky choice since the little Burg only comes in one color. Suzuki also switched the lone color option for the Burgman 400 but they played this safer but merely switching between shades of black. Instead of Glass Sparkle Black there’s a new Metallic Matte Black No 2, which appears identical. Suzuki didn’t make any such posturing with the Burgman 650 and merely stuck to offering their handsome but absurdly named “Metallic Mat Fibroin Gray” for another year. In case you’re wondering, fibroin is an insoluble protein made by spiders. Now you know.

Despite the status quo 2015 scooter lineup, it’s still comforting to see these popular scooters return. The Burgman 200 is a unique offering in America, while the larger Burgman’s are stalwarts of the maxi scene and to lose them would a blow. The Burgman 400 and 650 have been sold here since 2003 and 2004 respectively, during which time they’ve cemented their status as legendary maxiscooters. The 650 in particular epitomizes the maxi concept.