Scooter Brands 101 - An introduction to the major brands and how they compare

2-Stroke or 4-Stroke? - A look at the key differences between these two engine types

Seizing the Weekend - A story about a weekend of scooter mayhem. Published in Scooter Canada magazine.

80’s Japanese Era - A discussion on the mid-80’s surge in popularity of Honda and Yamaha scooters

Popular Mechanics - Vintage 1980’s articles on Honda and Yamaha scooters

Mad Bastard Scooter Rally 2013 - A first hand account of the bedlam of an 855km endurance rally.

Do Scooters Pollute More Than Cars? - An honest and informal look at how scooter emissions stack up.

Is The Future Electric - A look for the potential for compelling electric scooters and what’s out there now.

What Scooter Should I Buy? - A helpful distillation of the main questions in selecting a scooter

How To Buy A Used Scooter - How to find scooter listings and kick the tires like a scooter pro.

Elite 150 in the Rear View