1989 Riva Razz issues

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1989 Riva Razz issues

Post by blizzo » Mon Nov 06, 2017 9:22 pm

Hey Team, I have a 1989 riva razz that i am about to set fire too as i can not get it to run properly.
So i got the scoot a few weeks ago, it would run if you partially blocked the intake to really restrict it but would not idle etc etc. i cleaned the carb to within an inch of its life and got nothing. I did a compression test and it came back at about 60, i thought this was low so i pulled it apart, gave the cyl a light hone and it came up pretty good, slapped a new piston and rings in it with new gaskets and put it back together, no better unfortunately. i figured it might be cranks seals etc and i had another bottom end there, so i whacked the new top end onto this other bottom end (still unknown bottom end) and its doing the same thing. compression test now comes back at 75-80 (manual says 71psi is stock) and it only runs if choked severly and then with doing that its super rich and fouls the plug. i pulled the reeds out and they are mint and nicely closed etc etc. exhaust has been de-coked and is not blocked, im really suck here and dont know what else to do.

apparently the 75psi comp should be fine, am i unlucky to get two bad bottom ends in a row? help me get this thing sorted pleeeeeeease!

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Re: 1989 Riva Razz issues

Post by rivalutionist » Tue Nov 07, 2017 10:38 am

Is the stock air filter and boot on it?

I had a Jog (same engine) that ran horribly when the boot broke and another one that was missing the whole thing and behaved similarly to yours. So it seems these engines just don't run right at all without the proper airflow before the carb. On my second jog (without the air box) I was able to get it to run quite well with an aftermarket cone air filter that was severely taped up to restrict airflow, though it does seem like you might have other problems.

Good luck!
~Chris from Massachusetts

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