2011 GENUINE BLUR 220i
Milage: 1000 - 5000 Miles
Likes: Handling, Brakes, Quickness, Reliability, MPG, Storage
Dislikes: Seat

Review: How does one describe the Genuine Blur 220i - a total blast! If you’re not into going over 70mph, but do want the best handling scooter around, then this is the one. It's built for the twisty back roads and highways where it zips along comfortably at 55-60mph all day long. And it's the perfect city bike for maneuvering through busy streets. The air/oil cooled engine is mechanically easy to maintain and cheap on gas (70mpg). While it won't snap your head back with raw power, it is quick off the line and has plenty of torque which makes it so fun to ride. Aside from the stiff seat there's little not to like about this scooter.

The Blur wasn't a big seller for Genuine so you won't see a lot of them around, and IMHO that's due to the company overselling it as a speed demon - which it is not; it's all about it's superb handling characteristics. Sure, it will do short freeway jaunts, and it's surprisingly stable at higher speeds, just don't plan on touring on one. I've seen just over 70mph (GPS) flat and level, wide open throttle, and "tucked-in" to minimize wind resistance. Practical for a few miles to get where you're going, but not much fun. But oh... the twisties!”


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