Milage: 5000 - 10,000 Miles
Likes: Peppy, efficient, well built
Dislikes: Suspension, stock tires are awful

Review: To date my Italia is the only vehicle I have purchased new. It really does take about 1500 miles to properly break in the engine. Added the aftermarket Prima exhaust 2000 miles ago, really like it.

Overall it's a fast little urban commuter. I have used it to go into the mountains many times, though the 10" wheels make it a rough ride.

Suspension is sort of a token effort, and even the very pricy aftermarket offerings will not impress those used to better. The brakes are adequate, but 2 up prove to be weak.

All but the 170i has a kickstart, which has proven useful on some very cold mornings. Otherwise the Buddy starts without complaint, requires little maintenance, and many people have 30-40,000 miles on them without any major issues. I have yet to invoke the warranty after a year, though my local shop has said they honor it without complaint on any issues.”

Milage: 10,000 - 20,000 Miles
Likes: Large underseat storage, peppy, maneuverable, lightweight, fun, reliable
Dislikes: Gets squirrelly above 55 mph, overly optimistic speedo and odometer

Review: While most of my riding is rural, it is an absolute blast riding around town or on suburban twisties (in addition to quiet country roads with fresh dairy air). Contrary to the article, I am able to store my full-face Fulmer M1 helmet under the seat with ease. I commute 40-miles each way and pack the day's food/water and rain pants under the seat during the ride. When I get to work the food/water comes out and in goes helmet, gloves, etc. Most of my riding is rural at 45-50 mph actual with short 50+ mph stretches. There are significant hills and curves so momentum management is important; that little engine just doesn't want to push 170 lbs & gear up hills that even slow cars. Have had it indicating at least 73 mph but speeds above 60 mph indicated start getting unnerving. With the small wheels and light weight, high speed handling is susceptibility to cross winds and wind-wakes of trucks. Easy to just kind of pick-up and move around the 1-car garage it shares with my car.

For those having problems with carbs, good quality fuel (and fuel stabilizer if it sits even a week) are critical. Smaller engines mean smaller carb jets. There is a gas station I now refuse to use because I've gotten bad fuel there 3 times and 2 friends have also had problems with there. Lucky for me, the 150's carb passed the problem gas, though each time it did choke for a couple of seconds like someone with bad phlegm from a cold.”

Milage: 0 - 1000 Miles
Likes: Looks
Dislikes: Everything else

Review: This things has had problems since day 1. First, the mirror arm popped off, then she would stall at every light. Now she won’t start at all. $2000 down the bleepin' drain. You get what you pay for. Junk.”

Milage: 0 - 1000 Miles
Likes: Peppy, compact, lots of accessories, well built, comfortable, versatile, excellent fit for shorter riders-FAST!
Dislikes: Engine is a little loud compared to smaller scoots, but you get used to it.

Review: This is a very nice, all around scooter for recreational riding, commuting, errand running, or even light touring. I love all the accessories offered by Genuine for the scooter, especially the low profile seat. The fit of this bike for a shorter rider like myself is excellent. The scooter is fast and very agile, though lightweight. It is easy to maneuver at slow speed and compact enough to store easily. It is a blast to ride! It's got great features like a very powerful lighting for night riding, a super loud Strebel horn, a nice sized underseat compartment, accessories like a rear and front rack, windshield, and cowl protectors.

The Psycho has enhanced braking and transmission and stops on a dime with it's disk brakes. It's a mean, spunky little scooter that you can really blast through the back roads on or cruise along and enjoy the scenery. I have ridden 50 miles on it and never once had any discomfort in the saddle. People get them and hold on to them because they are a very versatile scooter and have a very reliable track record of performance. Go get one!”

Milage: 0 - 1000 Miles
Likes: Looks cool
Dislikes: Piece of junk

Review: I bought this 3 months ago and the dealer has had this more than me due to bad carburetors and many other problems. The dealer in St. Pete won’t give me a refund. This Buddy 50cc is a piece of junk.”

Milage: 0 - 1000 Miles
Likes: Everything
Dislikes: Stock rear rack

Review: I'm not sure where some of these negative reviews are coming from. All I can imagine is bad dealer prep. Mine is better than fine. Easy starting in cold or hot weather, very torquey (sp?) 2 stroke, rides fine 2-up (for short hauls at least, not really its design objective), no complaints. Build quality seems very nice. I get lots of compliments.

I added a Prima medium wind screen, which actually makes it faster. Who knew?. I don't like the stock rear rack as it is shaped in such a way which makes it difficult to attach bungee cords. For groceries and such, I have a 24" duffel bag I sit cross-ways on the 'floor' which holds a lot and is very stable. I did add passenger pegs, which helps holds it in, and also provides alternative foot placement.

Kinda like a sport bike. The suspension is stiff, but I don't have anything to compare it to. Brakes are good, but do take more 'squeeze' than I'm used to. Perhaps that is intentional. Again, very pleased. Not too many 2 strokes out there anymore. 2 strokes are 'brattier' than 4 strokes, but deliver a lot more power, especially in a small displacement engine. I did remove the exhaust restrictor after a while, which really jumped up the torque. Actually have to be careful. I can now accelerate up hill with a passenger! I hope this review will balance the negative comments above. Good scootin!”


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