Milage: 0 - 1000 Miles
Likes: High quality. Good performance. Dual rear brakes and shocks.
Dislikes: None

Review: I really like this scooter. I am 5'11" and it is a great fit for me. I am still breaking it in, so not sure what the top speed will be. I am currently getting about 80 mpg. The longer wheel base makes for great handling and the dual disc brakes haul it down to a stop in a hurry if needed. Storage is better than most, though I have ordered the rear luggage rack and matching top case to increase it. I looked at pretty much everything in the 150cc range when I decided to upgrade from my 50cc, from Vespa's to Honda's to Yamaha's, Kymco's, SYM’s, and even Chinese scoots. I highly recommend this scooter.”

Milage: 1000 - 5000 Miles
Likes: Powerful acceleration, comfortable ride
Dislikes: Odd overheat feature

Review: Upgraded from a 50cc Fly to get on the highway a little. Of all the machines in this class, this one fits my 6'2'' 230lbs body the best. It has a nice fit with the longer wheel base and higher seat. It has such a powerful engine for its size that little can beat me from zero to 30 mph. The top cruising speed settles in for me at 55mph (gps) with 60-65 going down a hill with the wind behind me. The speedometer is quite optimistic, showing almost 10% higher then true. I would have thought it would have been more for the engine size.

Mileage was also a little less then expected, hitting about 70 mpg. Granted, I am heavier, taller, and driving it on a highway. I suspect a smaller person around town would easily get to the 100mpg advertised. So far the only dislike is an odd overheat feature. It is rare, and needs to be above 80*F outside. When the computer detects the engine STARTING to overheat, it flashes an orange light, then makes the fuel air mix richer, which causes it to sputter and the engine output to fall 15-25% (max speed now 45mph) and it cranks up the idle, I assume, to run the cooling fan more. The overall effect is one of "Crap, I broke it" In truth, nothing is wrong at all. Stop and turn it off and on and its back to normal. There were a few forums that discussed this exact issue with PGO and Genuine scooters. It happened to me once, but the machine has been fine since. Overall, 5 stars and no regrets!”

Milage: 0 - 1000 Miles
Likes: See below
Dislikes: Rubber valve stems

Review: Couldn't find a Hooligan at any dealers within 300mi of me, so resorted to Cycle Trader and found an almost new one (135 mi), fully equipped w/all the options and had it shipped. I'm 5'11" and it's the only sub-200 scoot I've found that I'm comfortable on. I've put about 400 mi on it in about 5 wks and am most pleased with the ride, acceleration, storage (I have the topcase) and handling. Also, the Genuine-supplied windscreen is quite effective. I'm breaking it in nice and so far, seem to be getting 75-80 mpg. I live in a fairly large metro area and speeds on most 4-lane streets that run 40-45mph, sometimes up to 50-55. The urban expressways are mostly 60. I've only had it that fast once briefly, and it was stable and didn't seem strained, although, as mentioned elsewhere, the speedo/odo is about 10-12% optimistic.

Very satisfied so far, and find it a nice compliment to my other 2 wheelers. I'd rate it best in class.”

Milage: 5000 - 10,000 Miles
Likes: Sporty, responsive, decent power
Dislikes: Broke down after 5600 miles

Review: This scooter is a blast. It has more room and a more comfortable feel than many scooters I have ridden. Its large wheel base makes it feel VERY capable at higher speeds! Which is fantastic for new riders. My only complaint has been that it does feel like it lacks power, especially for the engine size. At low speeds, it has plenty of get up and go but when you are reaching the 40mph speed and above it becomes rather weak.

I am really disappointed to say that as of today my Hooli has broken down. I have taken meticulous care of this bike, but I started to notice strange patterns a while back. The bike would begin shutting down when I would come to a stop after a long ride. The engine would also start to make a crackling sound. I did ride the scooter at 55 mph on average, and I am afraid that may have been the cause. 5600 miles of 55mph will kill this scooter. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND this to anyone who plans on riding frequently out of the city. I live in the country and my roads are 55mph limits. I changed the oil every season, took it to the dealer every year for service... and now that I am out of the warranty it breaks. I feel like I have been sold a lemon, and am very disappointed with the mechanical side of this machine. Currently, the scooter will start and run, but the rear wheel will not spin. I have left a message with my dealer, however... this will be on my dime to fix. I have found to way to reach out to Genuine either...”


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