1983 HONDA AERO 80
Milage: 1000 - 5000 Miles
Likes: Starts easily, fun to ride, carries a passenger
Dislikes: Top speed, no foot break

Review: Overall a great scoot! Classic lines and 2 stroke's are fun! You can pick these up for as little as 120 bucks! and well worth it! It should last forever!”



Milage: 10,000 - 20,000 Miles
Likes: Blast to ride, simple, economical, great retro style
Dislikes: They don't still make 2 strokes!

Review: Great little machines, I have 3 of them. After 35 years, they all start, run and function like they should. Bought them all over 30 years old. One shows 3500 miles (original tires!), one 9800 miles (may be 9800, 19800, etc.) and the 3rd 11,400 (may be 21,400, 31,400 etc.) miles as there are only 4 digits for the odo.

I try to take one of them on every possible trip around town or to the beach.

If you can find one, buy it and enjoy the ride!”

Milage: 5000 - 10,000 Miles
Likes: Reliability, engine and retro style
Dislikes: Difficult to start

Review: Two years ago I bought a Honda Aero from my neighbor for a hundred dollars. The body was in poor condition but mechanics was perfect. I had to change the licence plate support, the mirrors, the seat, the key locks of the seat system, the rollers and the belt, the air filter etc. I had to screw the side panels because they were loose and vibrating.

It's almost like new now. Max speed without wind is 67km/h (42 mph) and I weigh 205 lbs. If you mind playing mechanic and you can find one in good condition, do not hesitate. This scooter is a blast! It's reliable and fun to drive. It will last you much longer than these Chinese scooters. I strongly recommend it.”

Milage: 10,000 - 20,000 Miles
Likes: Simple to ride, Easy to service, super reliable
Dislikes: Headlight not very bright by modern standards

Here in the UK, the Aero 80 is known as the Honda Lead 80 or - Mine is badged on the front as a Honda Lead though others are registered (for road use) as Honda Vision 80.

Top speed for the UK versions seem to be slightly higher than US models, with tested speeds of 47MPH. Mine will do 45-47MPH though sometimes on a flat road and with no wind, 50MPH (on the speedo) is possible.

I've covered over 10,000 miles in the last 12 months without problem, only servicing required plus a new exhaust. The original exhaust breaking was my fault (long story). I did get a pattern exhaust but soon changed it as the noise level was a lot louder than a genuine Honda exhaust, so the pattern exhaust was replaced by a genuine Honda one.

My longest journey was 100 miles in one day, but the journey was broken up into several parts. However, I would be more than happy to do a long distance (of 100-200 miles or more) with only a fuel/oil stops as long as I kept my cruising speed down to around 30-35mph. To be fair to Honda, they seem to over-engineer engines, so the bike would probably be fine with the throttle fully open all day long.

Tyres - I run Michelin S1 on front and back. These tyres seem to last really well, around 8,000 miles or more from a back tyre and I'm still trying to wear out the front one.

Fuel economy, well I get around 60-70 miles per (UK)gallon dependant on the type of riding I am doing. Oil - I don't really know how much oil I use as I keep the oil tank topped up and always carry a half litre bottle in the glovebox.

Electrics are good, but the front light is a little dim by modern standards, and I am fitting a 12 volt power socket to use for a pump, satnav, etc. Controls are well laid out and easy to use.

Anybody considering buying one of these scooters should not be put off by the fact that they have a 2 stroke engine - these things are built to last and as long as you service them and replace consumable parts when needed/recommended, they will last. Mine has done over 17 thousand miles and serves me well by covering over 200 miles each week.”


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