Milage: 10,000 - 20,000 Miles
Likes: Great working scooter
Dislikes: Fuel pump gets soft and hard to start after sitting around for a few weeks

I use mine at the dragstrip to zip around. Scooters are very popular for this.

Gas tank is in a great place, but if I leave it for 2 weeks the fuel pump needs to prime and it is hard to start. Once started, it is one kick all weekend. Love my Dio.”

Milage: 20,000 - 30,000 Miles
Likes: Small size, Quick off the line and easy to get parts and service
Dislikes: Some parts like headlight are expensive.

Review: My Dio (1994 Canadian model) has the AF18E engine, and I've never yet seen one with the AF16E engine. Dealer parts are in good supply, and I can even order cheap after-market parts from Hawaii or Taiwan which arrive in just a few days by post. The Dio's drum brakes are OK since the Dio is a 1-person only scooter (no passenger permitted).”

1996 HONDA DIO (Canadian AF18E)
Milage: 10,000 - 20,000 Miles
Likes: Small size, flat floor, Good parts & service from Honda
Dislikes: Expensive headlight replacement buib!

Review: I like my '96 Dio for its small size and good performance. The small size means I can bring it indoors. Bigger scooters have to be left outside. With an 80cc big-bore it's quite fast, so I can easily use local highways (not freeways) at 70-80kph.

Honda Dio 1997
I haven't been able to find a newer scooter with the same features, so I just keep motoring on with my Dio! The Dio is a great commuter scoot, especially with tall gears and 80cc engine mod. Even after 15 years, I can still find good parts and service at the local Honda dealer.”

1997 HONDA SK50 Dio
Milage: 1000 - 5000 Miles
Likes: Light weight, aftermarket parts availability, reliability
Dislikes: Drum brakes, N America headlight array

Review: I love to ride my Dio everywhere. I have been working on and modifying Dios for over 10 years. Absolutely best 50cc scooter in my opinion.”


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