Milage: 10,000 - 20,000 Miles
Likes: Everything about it
Dislikes: Rear tire

Review: I have had other bikes, but the Reflex is so reliable, comfortable, great for off the freeway, yet excellent around highways and city roads. Great gas saver, very little maintenance. I don't miss the clutch from my other bikes, not too small and not too big to handle. I just wish it had a bigger and wider tire rear tire. I had sold mine last summer, because I wanted to buy a newer and bigger scooter to a friend of mine. But 6 months later he told me he was going to sell it, doesn't want to ride anymore, so I bought right back, I sure missed it! Happy now!”

- Mig77

Milage: 5000 - 10,000 Miles
Likes: Everything but...
Dislikes: Small rear tire

Review: I bought My Reflex just this spring and I love it. This is my 3rd scooter and I must say that I'm very impressed so far. I've owned a Honda Elite 250 and a Honda Helix 250, so you could say that 250's are my thing. I love Hondas for their reliability. The low maintenance helps out a lot for me. I thought about moving up in size before I purchased my Reflex for two up riding on Highways. Then I thought: “I love city commuting!”. I'm not a highway type of rider and the Reflex fits my needs perfectly.

I've maxed out at 85mph easily, but who drives a scooter for speed (speed limit in NY is 65 people!)? I drive for the freedom of feeling the wind in my face and I am very thankful for being a satisfied customer of Honda for over 25 years! I love you Honda (no disrespect to Suzuki, Yamaha, Vespa, or Kymco)!“

Milage: 1000 - 5000 Miles
Likes: Overall size, looks, storage and handling
Dislikes: None

Review: This is my third Reflex, I bought a 2006 used in 2012 and a 2006 Reflex sport used in 2013, I sold them both mainly because people just kept making me offers I could not refuse. I bought a Burgman 650, rode it one summer and sold it and bought a used 2002 Reflex with 2800 miles. The Burgman 650 was a great machine but was too large and heavy for me and the riding I do. I plan to hang on this Reflex, they are very hard to fine in our part of the country, I may not be able to find another one! The reflex is perfect for me, I am 65 years old, retired, and just run around town and an occasional short road trip. We have a place in southern NV. I wish I had one down there for winter time riding.”

Milage: 1000 - 5000 Miles
Likes: Honda got the Styling right! Ample storage, well-sorted handling and brakes.
Dislikes: Old-School 2-valve engine a bit underwhelming

Review: See my thread in the Large Honda Scooters Forum: Reflexology

Clutch slippage is astonishing given the low output of the engine. The clutch is simply too small for the job. The rear pulleys are at least an inch bigger in radius than the bell, the clutch could be 2" bigger, but for some reason it isn't. Malossi Delta for $200 works so much better.

Why did Honda set up the weird variator to shift into 7th gear at 30?
Big-Ruck vario with 6 properly symmetric ramps needs 120-115 grams of load to let the engine keep power on until about 50.

Top speed on mine at least would struggle to bust 70 on GPS. Typical 5% optimistic speedometer sees 76 or so but it lies. Bigger GIVI shield may be part of the problem, but mine won't make 80 for sure.

Smooth, comfortable, very good wind management. I like it.”


Milage: 5000 - 10,000 Miles
Likes: Ride quality, Reliability, Economy
Dislikes: None

Review: I bought this scooter used in July 2008 as a retirement gift for myself. It had about 5000 miles on it at that time and now (Jan 2013) has about 10,000. It has been completely reliable to this point and the only maintenance it has needed has been oil changes. It is comfortable on long (200+ mile) rides and has become one of my favorites of the many bikes I have ridden and owned. For the normal person who is not into a lot of long-distance touring, I believe it is a better choice than the Gold Wing that I once owned.

I would not ride it 2-up on the interstate highways but it does very well on US routes here in the mountains of Virginia with two passengers (combined weight 400 lbs). It is in the shop now for new tires, a precautionary drive belt change and a full service to get it ready for the spring. I truly expect it to be the last bike I'll ever need to buy, barring an accident.”

Milage: +30,000 Miles
Likes: Most everything
Dislikes: Hard to start after sitting for long periods

Review: I purchased this scooter new in 2002. It now has just over 30,000 miles on it. It has been a great machine as long as maintenance is done. I did shred one belt when I had about 14,000 miles on it after it had been replaced. Most of these miles have been with I and the wife on it.

My only complaint is it is hard to start after it sits for 2 weeks or more. I am thinking maybe the fuel pump? It seems to take forever for it to pull fuel up to the carb. After it is running it will start right up and run normal. In 2008 we purchased a Harley Ultra. Since then the scooter does not get used much. It is still a great machine especially for one up. I may change the fuel pump just to see if it will correct the starting problem.”

- Don

Milage: 10,000 - 20,000 Miles
Likes: Comfortable, reliable, easy to maintain, excellent fuel economy
Dislikes: None

Review: Purchased in the fall of 2015 my 2002 Reflex (Goldie) is my fifth scooter,
1. Buddy 125, 2. Helix, 3. a 1978 Honda Express, and 4. a 1968 Honda 50cc. The last two were just for fun.

The Reflex, Buddy, and Helix were used for short distance commuting. Reflex is by far the most enjoyable to ride. At 6' tall, 32" inseam, and 200lbs, the Reflex fits me better than the others. The acceleration is fine, adequate. I don't expect a 250cc four stroke to perform like a 500cc crotch rocket. The Reflex is fun, comfortable, economical, and reliable. It handles the twisties well, and accelerates up hills and over bridges just fine. The horn is loud, the brakes are more than adequate, and the exhaust noise is mild. Not the best for two-up riding though.

70mpg is typical, and Goldie will cruise all day at 70mph. Love the liquid cooled 250, and the CVT. Twist and go.

I shop for used motorcycles frequently, thinking now of buying a PC800 for 2-up short distance cruises with my wife. If I buy a bigger bike I will probably hang on to Goldie because it's simply so much fun to ride.”

Milage: 1000 - 5000 Miles
Likes: Everything except the low alternator output
Dislikes: Battery drains too quickly

Review: We purchased this scooter with 2400 miles as the third owner. It had been well maintained and had all of the parts and is in very good working order. Excellent one or two up freeway speeds and local commutes. Fun, flashy, sporty, and economical. Highly recommended.”

Milage: 10,000 - 20,000 Miles
Likes: It’s fun to ride and economical
Dislikes: None

Review: I’ve had my 2003 Honda Reflex for about 8 years and I have always been impressed the durability of this scooter (just basic maintenance) the great gas mileage that I get, and how much fun it is to ride. I often will ride it to work, or to run errands. I do some highway riding, and have put a couple of hundred miles on it in a day. But for the most part the riding that I do is in the local area.

Also sitting in my garage is a yellow 2010 Gold Wing complete with navigation and ABS. This is what I use for most highway riding and overnight trips to include vacations. Both the scooter and the ‘Wing are outstanding in their own way, and are enjoyable to ride and own.”

Milage: 10,000 - 20,000 Miles
Likes: Everything
Dislikes: None

Review: I'm 67 yrs old and got both my scooters (one of which is a Zuma-50cc) in my divorce last year! I'm fine with that! Don't need the expense of a car (ins. & gas alone!). I love getting the 60 miles per gal. LOVE MY BIKES!!! I've put 65,000 miles on her (my Reflex!) and just hope that everybody pays attention on the road!”

- From Nancy in Daytona/Orlando area

Milage: 5000 - 10,000 Miles
Likes: Love the styling and ABS is a nice bonus
Dislikes: Factory windscreen is too short.

Review: I am 3rd owner of a 2003 bright yellow ABS Reflex. Mine was decked out with the matching Givi trunk and I added the Givi taller windshield. I've owned about 20 various motorcycles and scooters over the years and really like the Reflex. It is easy to ride and very smooth compared to many of the rides I've owned. The ease of no shifting plus the relaxed seating position makes it a very easy to ride bike.

It also handles two up riding nicely, although even with the taller windshield passengers do get a lot of wind, so long trips with two up would be hard on the passenger without a backrest. Mine has the Givi trunk which serves as a backrest to lessen the strain of long rides on the passenger. The Givi trunk also can carry tons of stuff which is nice for weekend trips.

My Reflex has been totally problem free so far. Just add gas and go! I do keep a Battery Tender on it when it isn't getting ridden regularly just to make sure the battery stays up. I haven't had to change out tires yet but getting close. Already looked at prices and replacement rubber for the Reflex is a bargain compared to many of my previous rides so no complaints there. For those looking for a low cost freeway capable ride... Reflex is one of the better options. I also looked at the
Majesty and Burgman which are both nice scooters if you need a bit more power.”

Milage: 5000 - 10,000 Miles
Likes: Fun to ride even with two riders. Dependable and very fuel efficient. Amazing top speed.
Dislikes: Slow pick up.

Review:Like all the Honda vehicles I have owned this is a very reliable, low maintenance machine. Nice to know when I need it that it will be ready and that it won't break down. The only knock is the initial acceleration, but that is quickly forgotten when you are hanging with the big bikes on the highway and when you go to fill it up at the gas station. Great buy for anyone looking for a fun ride to pick up a few things or a late afternoon casual date with your partner.”

Milage: +30,000 Miles
Likes: Well balanced, speed, really fun to drive
Dislikes: None

Review: I just bought a 2003 Honda Reflex, I am the third owner and I have to say I am really impressed with this lil scoot. It handles really well, cruises on the highway with no problems, I can't get enough of this scooter. Starts right up first time every time, accelerates nicely and here is the kicker... IT HAS OVER 70,000 MILES ON IT!!!!”

Milage: 10,000 - 20,000 Miles
Likes: Economy, ease of maintenance, and practicality
Dislikes: None really

Review: “In 2005, I was looking for a vehicle that could take over some of the routine trips so that I did not have to drive a 3/4 ton V-10 pickup to get milk. I purchased my 2004 Reflex brand new in 2006. As a result, I got a very good price and it came with a full warranty which I never needed.

My lifetime average fuel milage (yes, I'm one of those people who record every fill up) is exactly 70.0 mpg. Most of my riding is on rural roads with 30-50 mph speed limits and in these places the scoot is ideal. On highways, it is capable, but light. Truck buffeting is a real hazard, but not nearly as bad as I had anticipated.

I knew about the power issue in the 20-40mph zone, and modified my scooter with less than 200 miles on it to correct for the problem. Just google K-Mod for details.

I put a Givi box on the back and I built a rack for the left side to carry my rifle when I go to area shoots. With all this storage, there is very little I can't carry. I put a concrete 4x4 base under the seat. I've carried a dinner for 12. I show up at shoots with canopy, table, chair, lunch, as well as my shooting supplies. Yes, it does take some care to get things to fit into the limited space, but it can be done. We get glass milk bottles at the local dairy and I fit a carrier of 4 1/2 gallon bottles under the seat. (it JUST fits) I prefer to put the milk in the Givi carrier however because the under seat compartment can get warm. In fact, that is a good thing. Pick up Chinese for dinner in 40 degree weather and it stays nice and warm under the seat.

The fairing does a great job keeping most of the weather off. Even in a driving rain, I'm not dry, but I'm not getting blasted with rain. About the only place that is not protected are my hands. I installed heated grips to deal with the cold there and that did the trick nicely.

I've changed fluids, belt, tires, light bulbs, adjusted valves, and wired up my own heated grips and GPS power. All in all, working on the scoot is not difficult at all. I'd say coolant is the hardest thing to work with and that just took a little more effort. The factory service manual is very good and anyone that is able to turn a wrench should be able to complete most tasks. The
Yahoo Reflex group does have some nice resources and is well worth spending some time reading.

The scooter is very nimble, forgiving, easy to ride, and responds to the controls well. The brakes are strong enough to skid both wheels on dry pavement, so practice hard braking in a controlled area to get the feel of when lockup is going to happen. Unless you have the ABS which reviews say works great. I've had two incidents with people pulling out directly in front of me and in both cases I was able to stop very quickly. The key was anticipating the potential. I was ready to stop.

Mechanically, the Reflex is very old school. This has both good and bad implications. First, don't go looking for an oil filter. Like early engines, this engine uses a splash and drip method of oiling. While it does have a rudimentary pump, that is just to move oil to the cylinder head. The main bearings are actually ball bearings which makes for a very efficient motor as it has very little internal drag. It is very easy to turn this motor by hand as a result making tuneups simple. However, with just a screen as your only filter, you have to change the oil a bit more often, and also be sure to remove as much of the deposits on the bottom of the engine as possible.

The electrical system is also very simple. Early models did not produce as much power as the 2004 on versions. In either case, be very careful about adding too much electrical load as the charging system will die a horrible death otherwise. Invest the $35 for a Battery Tender for those times the scoot is just sitting. A fresh battery makes those first starts of the season much easier. I also make a habit of starting the engine and running it for 10 minutes at a steady 4000-6000 RPM every month just to keep thing well lubed. Oil has corrosion inhibitors, but the metal parts need to be coated for them to work. Also, it is good to let it run so that any moisture can be cooked out. Be very careful running the scoot on the center stand as the rear wheel will be spinning.

I hear about seat comfort issues from time to time, and frankly, I don't see it. In really warm temps, the vinyl can get damp with sweat, but proper clothing and maybe a quick stop now and then to wipe off the moisture is all that is needed. In rain, the seat puddles, so be sure your pants are truly waterproof. The under-seat compartment is waterproof.

I took the lens off the light under the seat so that I can pop the bulb when I need to keep the seat open for long periods. That little light can easily kill the battery FAST. On the other hand, that little light is very nice to have when you are in a dark parking lot after sundown.

Cold starting can be a little difficult as the choke is run by a wax motor, so the timing is very dependent on the temperature. In very cold temps, I have to crack the throttle a little to get a good start. As with any carburated vehicle, it has a personality that you need to get to know.

Dial in the proper tire pressure and shock setting and you can enjoy a very comfortable and stable ride.”

2004 HONDA REFLEX 250 (NSS250S)
Milage: 5000 - 10,000 Miles
Likes: Speed, handling, comfortable.
Dislikes: Could use more storage

Review: I've had my Reflex for a while now, I upgraded from a Yamaha Riva 125 that I rode for 2 years. The Reflex is much faster for highway travel and just handles better also. I did the modification on the CVT right away though, as that 25 - 40 mph flat spot was kind of annoying. I went with the Dr. Pulley 19 gram sliders and the Big Ruckus movable face rather than the "K-Mod". Could not be happier with the drivability now. I only ran 2 tanks of gas through before the mod and got 61mpg on both. Since the mod I've gotten 64mpg as my best tankful and 56mpg as my worst.

I also replaced the "Hoops" tires with some Shinko tires that actually have some tread on them. Not a fan of those tires that look like slicks! I suppose they are OK if you never ride in the rain or on dirt roads, but that's not my kind of riding. So far so good, they feel very stable in all conditions. I don't ride 2 up but I think it would be struggling a little with more weight, I weigh 230 and it feels pretty good now. I recently bought an enclosed trailer so I can bring the Reflex to Florida this winter and get another 3 months of riding in!”

Milage: 1000 - 5000 Miles

Review: I’ve been riding scooters and motorcycles for more than 60 years. Last 20 years riding mostly Honda Silverwing scooters and Reflex 250's. In my opinion, they are the finest scooters on the market. Most maintenance free bikes I have owned. One recent trip from Apollo Beach, Fl. to my home in Va. a distance 800 miles in 14 hours, all on the interstate that was available. One of the easiest rides I ever had. Average 60 mpg. Naturally, I only stopped for fuel and restrooms.”

2004 HONDA REFLEX 250 (NSS250S)
Milage: 5000 - 10,000 Miles
Likes: Nimbleness, mpg, braking, easy to work on
Dislikes: Can't handle 2 up riding, dead spot at 30mph, no power plug or usb port, mirrors should be able to be adjusted outward for wide bodied riders

Review: This was my 2nd scooter, my first being a 500 mile 2007 Jonway which I sold and kept the Reflex. I changed out the variator weights to help with the dead spot at low speed. I also added a usb port and dual batteries so the bike would have more starting power in cold weather.

The Reflex is a great bike, it's very easy to work on and can easily carry a 290lb guy like myself at speeds up to 72 mph. I bought it from a couple who gave up on it and left it outside in the elements for over a year when the carburetor gave them problems. When I got it from them I decided to replace all the body panels and bring it back to life. It's a very reliable bike, the parts are reasonably priced and the best part is that with all the model years the parts are interchangeable.

I wanted my wife to ride 2 up with me and that is the Reflex's biggest shortfall. I eventually sold it for more than I originally bought it for and used the money from that sell to help buy my 3rd scooter, a 2016 Suzuki
Burgman 650 Executive.”



Milage: 1000 - 5000 Miles
Likes: Handling, Manuverability
Dislikes: No four-way hazard flashers, No top box available

Review: Love the scooter! Great on the road if you are not expecting a Gold Wing type of machine. Very comfortable on medium to long rides. Ample storage for typical items. Replaced the windshield w/ a Givi Tall shield. Worth while mod for scooter. I would have liked a top box on it but can't find one for the NSS250S.

Overall rating: Strong, reliable machine with good handling manners. Very good mpg (normally about 70 to 75 mpg) For an older rider (I'm almost 82) this scooter is particularly well suited.”

Milage: 1000 - 5000 Miles
Likes: Very fun to drive, Faster than most cars from the stop, Great gas milage
Dislikes: I cannot get my helmet in the storage compartment. Big storage though, I guess I have a big head.

Review: ”I bought the Reflex for my wife as I had a large motorcycle. Later I succumbed to four joint replacement and big bike had to be sold. Wife never caught the two wheel motorized bug so the Reflex became mine. I am 66 years old and use it as my second vehicle. Only in summer months as no one has invented outriggers for snow here in Alaska.”

Milage: 0 - 1000 Miles
Likes: Everything
Dislikes: Nothing

Review: ”I just traded my Buddy 170 for the Honda Reflex 250 Sport. I learned to ride on the Buddy and got my motorcycle license with it, so it served its purpose. However, I have to say that there is NO comparison to riding the Reflex. I was worried, at first, because the Reflex was so much larger and heavier than the Buddy, and I'm a 63 year-old woman. Those fears were unjustified, for sure. The Reflex handles so well on the road, seems to be balanced perfectly, and has enough speed to make me feel confident on the highway, as I ride along with my husband, who owns a larger Harley. The ride is so comfortable, with the small backrest fitting my back perfectly. We added a Givi topcase which fits two full-size helmets and more, and now I can carry so much. I ride the scooter to and from work, and my boss says he has "scooter envy"!

Milage: 1000 - 5000 Miles
Likes: Overall size, Appearance, Driver friendly handling
Dislikes: None

Review: “I'm 62 years old and have had 13 different machines in my life, the Reflex is the most enjoyable of them all! It’s easy to get on and off from, handles well, plenty of power and speed for the riding I do, just right for me.

I bought it used with 3,000 miles on it, my retirement gift to myself. I love the auto shift, I drove semis for 40 years and I don’t need the practice shifting. The storage under the seat is really handy and of course the Honda reliability makes it the perfect machine for me!”

Milage: 1000 - 5000 Miles
Likes: Nice looks. Reliable. Good handling. Stock Dunlops were surprisingly good in the wet.
Dislikes: Dicey on *any* seamed pavement with stock tires. Very susceptible to wind effects. Poor performance from 25-40.

Review: I'm another person who got a museum piece. 2006 bought with 2 previous riders in 2017, and 660 miles on it.

I'm going to say a bunch of caveats but I want to be clear that my overall feeling is; this is a great generic bike for riding around.

The bike's shape is good and it gets positive attention. I picked mine out of the random used scooters on the market because someone in my neighborhood has one they are always riding, and I liked how it looked and handled. The bike is light between the legs and can suit even tall riders. I think it looks weirdly like a riding-cricket.

The storage is far from cavernous, I can't even get a single modular in it, but luckily mine still has the rubber-and-wire rope derhickey for lashing your helmet to an underseat peg and closing the seat. In terms of how much practical space, I am pretty good at keeping several items in my arms/hands. If I go to the grocery and get exactly one almost-too-much-to-carry armload of food, that is one trunk full. You'll make about 2 grocery trips every 3 days if you are eating well, 1 grocery trip every 3 days if you are eating lean. Underseat storage gets very warm. Keeping your tea or hot chocolate warm in cold conditions is possible. So is cooking your delicate groceries on a summer drive home.

Top speed is about 75 mph. Dead zone 25-40 is real and dangerous merging onto highways. I'm ultimately getting a Big Ruckus variator with some 19g Dr. Pulleys as suggested above but that's just my preference. It's not impossible or even relentlessly dangerous to ride stock, it's just disappointing. I kinda like it because I do a lot of city riding and it keeps you in the surface street speed zone somewhat artificially.

Runs great in even heavy water with the stock rubber. Mine's cranky at start in the cold but welcome to carburated engines.

Weighs only about 8.6 lbs per inch of wheelbase with 240 lb rider so, while you wouldn't run it up a line and use it to haul a sailboat, it's still a pretty decent sail in a pinch. Beware. The bike is light, the wheels are small and the wind's talons are silent and insidious. I wouldn't say it's dangerous... except the first time it really gets you.

The bike is pretty unstable and tends to wander due to the small wheels. Watch it on sloped pavement. I think it feels sketchy out past 70 mph. Holy crap is it bad with any kind of longwise pavement seam. I don't know if it's the stock tires or the bike itself but you better watch yourself!

The Reflex is a real leaner. 70" wheelbase, you will learn to "get down on it" around the curves right quick. Foot posture, scooter or cruiser style, really changes handling. Feet-first riding posture strongly encouraged when cornering at speed is required.

When you ride this bike, you will want a Forza real bad. If you are split between this bike and a Forza, get the Forza. The modern version of this bike is the PCX-150, which has just about caught up with it in terms of performance. The Forza is what this bike wishes it was.

75 mph top-out makes it a bit slow for most major highways in the modern era, but it's a secondary-highway dominator and it's totally comfortable at the 55-65 range. You're gonna get about 60-65 MPG and a roughly 180 mile range. Very reliable. I ran it for hundreds of miles with no oil in the one side of the fork in a pinch, with no ill effects. I would be astonished if this thing didn't get at least 50k with just belt-filter-tires-oil-coolant type changes.

This is a really solid, if now dated, medium/touring scooter.”

Milage: 0 - 1000 Miles
Likes: Mileage, easy to ride, comfortable, lots of storage room
Dislikes: Front forks

Review: In August 2014, I was very fortunate to find an "unused" 2007 with 700 original miles in museum stored condition! Being stored that long gave me concerns (varnished fuel lines & carb, dry rot, etc.), so I took it to my Honda dealer. For less than $300, they did a nose-to-tail inspection, cleaned the carb & jet, and pronounced me a very fortunate buyer - stealing a mint condition scooter with NO ISSUES! Gotta love those well executed Honda products.

This is my daily commuter - 20 minutes of city driving each way in the Mid Atlantic area, where it does get cold and wet, but I continue to ride. At 7 AM, I just push the starter and go. After 6 weeks, 3 tanks, 500 miles ridden, and 62 MPG average, I am thrilled by it. It included a Honda factory box, so my fat-headed Shoei fits fine, and more. I've put my entire (soft) tool bag under the seat, along with parts and gear, with room to spare. I just wish it didn't rattle my teeth with every bump in the road - the front forks are very stiff and unforgiving.

For the few highway jaunts, I've held 80 MPH for an hour on rolling terrain without any fuss from the motor or trans. I now see the K-mod for bottom end performance, and will investigate it further. But for bopping around town, it suits me fine. (It will never be confused for a dragster!) I still can't believe how many people stop me and comment how cool it looks... I've ridden MC's for 40 years, and never thought a scooter was 'cool'... But all I ask of it is to get me there safely, reliably, and with great gas mileage, and she does all that well. So - YEAH!”

Milage: 0 - 1000 Miles
Likes: Functional, economical transportation
Dislikes: Nothing so far

2007-Honda-350-miles-Reflex 250
Review: They call it "theft." I got it from a person (#3) who bought it for his daughter (#2) who didn't want to ride after he acquired it from a person (#1) who bought it for his wife. The wife never rode it again after two rides. She slipped and dropped it on a dirt driveway leading to her house. 350 actual miles on the odometer. A few scrapes from the drop. Vinyl seat has a few cracks. Duct tape seems to do the trick.

The scooter works great around town for me. Also, I can drive the California freeways without a problem. It's easy to maneuver and solid on the roads. It's everything others have positively stated. I've not noticed any flatness in acceleration between 30 and 40 MPH. I'm not likely to do any K-mod, or anything else, as the thing seems to drive and work perfectly for me. I'm wondering if the 2007 model was produced, after getting feedback on earlier models that were produced.

I'm a "returning" rider, having not ridden a motorized vehicle for about 30 years. At 74 years of age, the machine (next to Jazz music) provide the only thrill I get these days. I considered getting a trunk but I've found a backpack can be budgie corded to the tail, and it works just fine to transport stuff. I put a backrest on it, using a kit I found on the WWW. I'm 6'0" tall, 175 lbs and it definitely helps make riding more comfortable.”

Milage: +30,000 Miles
Likes: Ergonomics, quick handling, sportbike styling
Dislikes: Flintstones-era front fork, small tires, optimistic speedo

Review: I bought my Reflex with just under 20,000 miles on the clock, and have put almost 11,000 on her in a couple of years of riding. Most of my riding is done at 65-70 MPH, and the Reflex handles the speed admirably, hauling my 260lbs of pizza-fed human, about 12 pounds of full riding gear, and whatever extra mass I cram under the seat and in the huge trunk I added to the rear wing. I've owned bikes from 175cc to 1100cc, and currently own a Kawasaki Concours as well as the Reflex, but the Honda is my ride of choice for commuting to work. The NSS 250 handles well, gets about 65mpg at 65mph, looks good, and is as roomy as a first generation Gold Wing. The dual front headlights and automotive style tail lights look good and are easily recognized by car drivers as vehicle lights, which I believe makes the Reflex a bit safer on the road. The downsides are a front fork that would embarrass any quality motorcycle (poor damping and lots of thuds get through), a speedometer that's about 8 to 10% optimistic, and small tires (13 in front and 12 in rear) that wear quickly. Most riders are getting about 5000 miles to a rear tire.

The most important thing you can do to a Reflex is what is known as a K-Mod, which, simply stated, is the removal of three of the rollers in the variator, thus increasing the acceleration in the 15 to 45 MPH range appreciably. The instructions can be found in the Yahoo Honda Reflex Owners Group, which is a fantastic resource for the NSS 250 owner.”

Review: “I’m really enjoying [my Reflex]. Smooth, comfortable AND very stylish. It fits a full face Shoei in the underseat trunk. It’s no rocket ship though. It’s only a 250, and it is heavier than a Helix. It really needs to be a 400 like the Majesty, but I don’t buy Yamaha’s.

My Reflex does handle better than any other scooter I’ve ridden. It tops out at 80 mph on flat ground and can hold 65 on most highway grades. 0 to 60 is something like 12 or 13 seconds....Nothing to write home about.”

- Chris (San Diego Scooter Squadron)


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