Milage: 0 - 1000 Miles
Likes: Well built, handles well
Dislikes: Carb problems, seat height.

Review: I have a love / hate relationship with this scooter. It looks good and handles well and really appears to be well made. This is my third summer with mine and all the bits and pieces are still on the bike. Ergonomically my only complaint is the seat height, which is a bit high for my short legs. My only real complaint is the fuel system. This bike has running problems, especially after it has not run for a while. Either it won't idle or it will idle but not run. You can usually work this out of its system if you are patient and play around with it but most people wouldn't have the patience.

My wife has a Honda Metropolitan. It's in a whole different class from the Kymco in terms of its ignition and fuel system (fantastic) and yet I love my Kymco more for how it rides. Just wish Kymco could figure out a fix for this apparently very common problem. IF they could, I would heartily recommend this scooter.”

Milage: 5000 - 10,000 Miles
Likes: Love it all the way
Dislikes: USA taillights are too brittle and are easily knee'd!

Review: First let me say I find this forum absolutely valuable! Great job on the research and the work! Okay my ride is a ruby red Agility 125cc and I got it from a private party who bought it from the original owner. I am in a major city so off the line performance is important as I am around 250 lbs. It gets off and running just fine! I have had it to 60 mph, however I hear that the speedo on these is a bit generous. I have not had a passenger on my scoot yet but it's a legitimate 2 up ride. 4 stroke and so far indestructible. Cold winter started right up except a few times and kept running fine!

Again only downside of the scoot I see so far are the taillights extended out and are not flexible so they can be easily knee'd and then it's a trip to the shop to buy the taillight assemblies or use krazy glue! Parts are easily available thru any real scoot shop that can get directly from Kymco. All in all great experience so far, however it's not a long haul bike by no means. I love to get out on it but after about an hour I do get fatigued. You will feel pretty much every bump! Price you can not beat! New or used they are dirt cheap w/o getting into the Chinese stuff that you can't find any parts or anyone to work on!”

Milage: 1000 - 5000 Miles
Likes: Quick off the line, manuverable
Dislikes: Rear brakes are weak

Review: I utilize this scooter during the warm months to commute 50 miles round trip to work. The speed is good and the MPG is quite respectable, averaging around 70 mpg. The under seat storage is good and there is plenty of space for your feet.

This is my second Kymco scooter and they are bullet proof. My biggest complaint is the tires. The way they are shaped caused it to handle weird if you lean deep into a turn. I have purchased new tires Michelin City Grips and I believe that this will correct that problem. This scooter is a really good deal for the price.”

Milage: 1000 - 5000 Miles
Likes: Quick off mark! Good braking! comfortable to ride!
Dislikes: Petrol don't last long enough! And only ridden it a week then it started making strange SQUEAKING noise!

Review: A nice comfortable ride with good braking and suspension also nice bit of luggage space with a handy dashboard clock! But could do without the SQUEAKING noise!”

Milage: 0 - 1000 Miles
Likes: Price, speed and storage
Dislikes: Seat hump, seat height

Review: I have had a lot of 50cc scooters but now I’ve got a 125cc and motorcycle license. Best idea ever, since now I can go up hills without cars piling up behind me.

Nothing special about this scooter but it works. I figure it has to be the most common motor ever made, so parts should be available until the sun burns out.”


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