2004 KYMCO 250 BET & WIN
Milage: 20,000 - 30,000 Miles
Likes: Reliable, Great gas-mileage, Highway Speeds, Simple Maintenance
Dislikes: Quick tire wear, handling at slow speeds on slippery surfaces, wind for passenger

Review: I bought my Bet & Win when it had about 12k miles on it in 2014. I have since doubled that. The scooter has been great. I had to learn how to do all of the maintenance on it, but youtube was very helpful for that. I would recommend that you follow the maintenance schedule on the drive belt. Mine snapped while I was riding it. I was several thousand miles past the recommended change, but I kept putting it off. On another note, you need to "burp" the radiator hose to get the bubbles out of it when you change your antifreeze. I originally did not do this and almost overheated the scooter. That was probably 10k ago. No issues since.

The scooter has always gotten 60mpg and that is full throttle the whole way. I generally ride it on highways to work about 30 miles away, and I go 65mph almost the whole way. Uphill I will do about 55mph, but I just changed out the spark plug and all the oil. It is running even better than when I got it now. The spark plug helped a lot. I expect it will go up those hills even faster now. I bought mine for 1100$ used.
Also, it carries a passenger at highway speeds just fine, but if you are carrying a passenger, I would recommend buying a windshield. I rode it 6 hours to Phoenix, AZ with no issues except my wife who was behind me did not like wind as it hit her strongly.

The tires are relatively small and wear out quickly. You might get 8,000 miles out of the front tire, but because all of the weight is in back you will have to replace the rear tire 2 times every 8,000 miles or so.

Great Scooter. Love it.”

2005 KYMCO BET & WIN 250
Milage: 5000 - 10,000 Miles
Likes: Power, handling, looks, quality, reliability
Dislikes: Seat, Red paint

Review: This has been the single greatest vehicle I have ever owned. I have upgraded the exhaust to an MRP pipe, and I installed a performance clutch and variator. The power is fantastic for a small engine. It handles as though it were on rails. Above all, it has been the most reliable vehicle I have ever had. It always runs, and always runs great. Even my stock battery lasted 5 years which is unheard of in my (desert) region. Kymco quality is easily as good as any of the Japanese manufacturers.

The are only two things I don't like about this scooter, and they are fairly minor. First, the red paint does not stand up to the sun like I hoped it would. This is partially my own fault because the scooter is always outside and very rarely covered. It has faded quite a bit, but I am looking forward to doing a custom paint job myself. The second dislike is the seat position. The hump in the seat feels necessary due to the acceleration, but it is a bit too far forward, and I am only 5' 10". This however, can be remedied by customizing the seat if it is a big enough problem for someone. I have ridden fine on it for hundreds of miles at a stretch and never modified the seat. Overall, this is an impeccable bike, and it is unfortunate that it was discontinued. If one has the opportunity to get one of these used, especially if it is in decent condition, GO FOR IT.

I have not owned a Bet & Win 150, but I did have the opportunity to ride one. It is very much the same, but the 150 just does not have enough power for my needs. It may be worthwhile as well, but the 250 IS the way to go, period.”

2008 KYMCO BET & WIN 250
Milage: 1000 - 5000 Miles
Likes: Sporty
Dislikes: Foot position

Review: Super sporty, fast, reliable and not expensive in the used market. On the highway I can cruise at 80mph all day!”


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