2010 KYMCO YAGER 200
Milage: 1000 - 5000 Miles
Likes: Dependability, Ride
Dislikes: Not fast enough :-)

Review: I’ve had my Yager almost 2 years and have 4600 miles on it. I live in Philadelphia which has a large mix of road styles - the Yager is comfortable on all of them.

The only thing done to the scoot has been routine maintenance. You can't ask for much better than that.”

2010 KYMCO YAGER 200i
Milage: 1000 - 5000 Miles
Likes: Looks, Milage, Handling, Fuel injection
Dislikes: Not easy tracking down parts

Review: ”Bought used with 1400mi on it. Runs great, starts easily, handles well. Getting about 70mpg fuel economy. Cruises at 60mph with throttle left but I never have gone faster or needed to. Good acceleration.

If I could add any improvements, they would be a bigger windshield, built in speakers for iPod or mp3, a little bigger wheels & more storage. Of course this would mean more money.

This is a great urban scooter that will easily cruise at 55mph, but if a lot of highway driving is in your future then you’ll need a bigger, more powerful scooter to feel more comfortable at highway speeds.”

2011 KYMCO YAGER 200i
Milage: 1000 - 5000 Miles
Likes: Almost everything
Dislikes: Too low ground clearance

Review: ”Well after breaking it in (hard method), I got a top speed of 80 mph on even road. I’m 5’9” tall and 200 lbs and it easily cruises at 70 mph. So far there’s been no problems (1000 miles). I’m very happy with this scoot.”

Milage: 5000 - 10,000 Miles
Likes: Flat floor, Huge storage, Fuel economy
Dislikes: Few accessories, Seat overly firm until broken in

Review: ”I've also done a hard break-in on my Yager as well. It's a rocket off the line and will top 70mph with little trouble. Initially, the seat was pretty hard and the rear shocks were a bit hard in the neutral setting, but both parts became more compliant as the miles piled on.

The flat floor is great for hauling things, but the underseat bucket is the real storage star. A 24" baguette will fit in with no trouble and it'll easily swallow an XL modular helmet. I have yet to need the rear rack, much less a topcase to haul stuff.

The Yager manages about 80mpg in spirited city driving. It's even exceeded 70mpg on extended WOT highway runs. Factory fitted, P-rated rubber ensures that the rider will never overdrive the tires and tire wear is very good as a result. Front-rear disc brakes and good; with EBC HH sintered pads (FA197HH, same as the Ninjette), they're very good.

Accessories are hard to find. It took a while to get an aftermarket windscreen and a high-flow filter. The trick is to look for parts overseas under the name "New Dink 200i Euro 3". Taiwan Kymco catalogs list a decent selection of trim bits and NHRC Taiwan has an expanded selection with custom brake rotors and wind deflectors.

The bike is well-built, easy to service, rides predictably and can hold its own in traffic. If there are any surprises with this bike, they're pleasant ones.”

2012 KYMCO YAGER 200 GTi
Milage: 5000 - 10,000 Miles
Likes: Everything
Dislikes: Seat is a bit high, also could use more leg room (seat 'hump' moved back a few inches)

Review: (I'm 5'10.5", 160 pounds, trained on 250cc Honda motorcycle, have used 125cc underbone Yamaha and Honda scooters in SE Asia, previously owned 2009 50cc Sunny scooter and 2001 Honda Elite 80cc).

Purchased used at 1400 miles. My only mode of motorized transportation.

Highly recommend this scooter. I've used it in all capacities except rides exceeding 100 miles but plan on taking some trips this summer...confident will be a great experience.

Just installed 18g roller weights and very happy with the results. Now cruise no problem at 70 mph. Estimate mpg at 70.

For my needs the perfect scooter; perfect balance for in-town and interstate riding.”

Milage: 5000 - 10,000 Miles
Likes: Nice dashboard, fuel injection (easy start up and better pickup, stable, not too big not too small, great storage, nice lights all around, 175cc
Dislikes: Seat is terrible for my riding position , hard spot right where I want to sit, ordered an Airhawk pad, hopefully it works

Review: Bought used with over 6000 miles. Upgraded from a 150 cc Chinese scooter. Love the pickup and overall quality of the Yager. Fun to ride and I hope my Airhawk pad resolves my seat issue. Very good value for the $


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