KYMCO LIKE 50 / 200i

The Like series are Kymco’s affordable retro styled scooters, as opposed to Kymco’s more expensive and physically smaller Compagno retro scooters. This design was first introduced in the USA for 2009, this body design is all new and shows the big strides Kymco has made. The integrated headlight, blinkers and vents all give this scooter a clean and classy look that isn’t far off from something like Vespa’s sharp LX series.


The first model in this series was the Like 50, which arrived in the USA for the 2009 model year. Two years later (2011), the larger Like 200i joined it’s smaller sibling in American showrooms. The Like LX was introduced for 2012, when Kymco USA added this optional package to both Like 50 and 200 models. A $100 for the LX package added a neat White and Blue two tone paint job, brown seat and various chrome bits (exhaust cover, front vent).

2012 Kymco Like 50 LX
For 2015, Kymco dropped the Like 50 and the Like 200 LX (left), while continuing to offer the Like 200 in regular and 50th Anniversary editions. The Like 200 remains on sale in the USA as of 2017.

After a few years on the sidelines, Canadians were offered both Like models (50 & 200) for 2013, but the 50cc was dropped after 2014, leaving just the Like 200 on sale as of 2017.

Under the hood so to speak, the Like 200i uses a nice new engine from Kymco, while the Like 50 continues to use Kymco’s proven 2-stroke 50cc motor which they have used in all of their 2-stroke 50’s since the 90’s. This motor is a clone of Honda’s AF18 motor and it’s a good reliable design, but it doesn’t offer the same fuel economy or refinement as some of the newer engines out there. On the plus side, this engine has a lot of go fast potential and can be easily modified into a 70 mph fire breather using a few hundred in aftermarket parts. Read the Super 9 page for more information on derestricting and modifying this motor.

The Like 200i gets a new 163cc 4-stroke engine. This air cooled motor features fuel injection, which means you get better fuel economy and more power than the older engines found in other Kymco products. While referring to a 163cc engine as a “200” is a bit of a stretch, the Like 200 does offer more power that it’s other mid sized competitors like Vespa’s 150cc models. Top speed for the Like 200 is a comfortable 60 - 65mph, which makes it quite capable for everything besides interstate travel. Milage for the Like 200 is around 65-75mpg, which is similar to it’s smaller but less efficient 2-stroke sibling.

Design and Amenities
The Like is an easy scooter to live with thanks to its plentiful storage areas. The underseat area is capable of storing most of your gear, while larger helmets or overflow groceries can be stashed in the standard rear top case. There’s also a glovebox up front which is perfect for securing your papers, spare gloves and other smaller items. One other neat touch is the 12V plug in located in the glovebox. This can be quite handy for giving that cell phone a top up.

The stylish Like scooters get tasteful eight spoke rims, but for now the nicest graphite version of these rims (shown at top) is being reserved for overseas markets. All Like scooters do get a disc brake up front, and the more powerful Like 200 also gets a disc stopper in the rear. Dual rear shocks are also found in the Like 200, which makes it well suited to the extra heft of two riders. Despite decent power and suspension, taller riders will likely fine the Like to a poor fit due to the rather cramped cockpit.

The Like scooters offer a refined and fresh retro look in an affordable package. These scooters offer value oriented buyers a tempting alternative to the higher priced machines from Vespa. Specifically, the Like scooters compete very well against
Vespa’s LX and S series of 50cc and 150cc models, especially at the excellent price of $2699 for the 200 (2013).

Compared to older Kymco designs like the Sento and Sting 50’s, it’s easy to see how far Kymco has come. The Like will set you back a bit more than the simpler Sento 50, but it’s still a few hundred cheaper than the 4-valve Compagno 50i.

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* Front disc brake
* Ample storage
* Tasteful styling
* Fuel injection (Like 200)

* High seat height
* Cramped cockpit
* Aging 2-stroke engine (Like 50)

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Key Specs - Like 50 and 200
* Engine: 50cc Air-cooled 2-stroke or 163cc air cooled 4-stroke
* Power: 4 HP @ 7000 RPM, 3.3 lbs-ft @ 6000 RPM (Like 50)
* Transmission: CVT
* Bore & Stroke: 39mm x 41.4mm (Like 50), 62mm x 57.8mm (Like 200i)
* Compression Ratio: 7.2:1 (Like 50), 9.5:1 (Like 200)
* Fuel Delivery: Carb with Auto Choke (50cc model) Electronic Fuel Injection (160cc model)
* Drive: Belt
* Wheelbase: 51.9” (Like 50)
* Weight: 220 lbs (Like 50) or 264 lbs (Like 200)
* Starter: Electric/Kick (Like 50), Electric (Like 200)
* Seat height: 30.7”
* Fuel Tank: 1.8 Gallon / 7 Liters
* Brakes: Disc/Drum (Like 50), Disc/Disc (Like 200)
* Front Suspension: Telescopic Fork
* Rear Suspension: Single Shock (Like 50), Dual Shock (Like 150)
* Tires: 120/70-12 Front / 130/70-12 Rear (Like 50)
* MSRP: $2199 Like 50 (2014), $2699 Like 200 (2016)

Years Sold:
Like 50: 2009 - 2014 USA, 2013 - Present Canada
Like 50 LX: 2012 - 2014 USA
Like 200: 2011 - Present USA, 2013 - Present Canada
Like 200 LX: 2012 - 2014

USA Colors:

2011: White, Black, Red, Ivory, Light Blue
2012: White and Blue (LX), Black, Red, Ivory
2013: White and Blue (LX), Blue-Black, Red, Ivory
2014: White and Blue (LX), Blue-Black, Red, Ivory
2015: Blue-Black, Red, Ivory
2016: Metallic Gold, Red, Matte Black, White
2017: Blue, Red, Matte Black, White

Canada Colors:
2013: Red, White, Yellow, Black, Grey
2014: Red, White, Yellow, Black, Grey (200cc only)
2015: Red, White, Yellow, Black, Grey (200cc only)
2016: Metallic Gold, Red, Matte Black, White
2017: Blue, Red, Matte Black, White