Milage: 0 - 1000 miles
Likes: The feel, the power, the comfort are unmatchable. It is also a head turner for sure. I am in love with this scooter.
Dislikes: The only drawbacks at this point are that there are not a lot of accessories available yet (I need a windshield) and not a lot of color options.

Review: ”I absolutely love this scooter so far.”

2013 KYMCO MOVIE 150
Milage: 0 - 1000 miles
Likes: Supreme riding comfort with dual rear shock suspension. Peppy13.5 horsepower. Accelerates very well and the compression when letting off the throttle helps slow down. Great handling.
Dislikes: Front forks do not feel to have strong enough springs in them. Spark plug is very hard to access to check or change. Stock tires are ok.

Review: Best scooter out of 4 I have owned.”

2013 KYMCO MOVIE 150
Milage: 1000 - 5000 miles
Likes: Style, size, comfort, colour, handling, fuel consumption
Dislikes: Speedometer size, fuel gauge, not a lot of colour choice, name

Review: Wife and I have been riding my new Movie 150 all summer and managed to rack up a lot of Kilometers. Got to say the best parts of this scooter is that its smaller/lighter then my last 150cc Scooter but large enough to feel safe. At 1100Km on the clock we just finished break in and fuel consumption has been pretty good at 180-195KM per tank (fill up at 6L) depending if any highway driving is done. Really comfortable on every ride I've been on so far and handles pretty good too.

Only real downsides are the small 12" wheels make it squirrelly when riding near top speed on Highway (105KPH right now), the speedometer is place low, so to check my speed while moving I have to take my eyes off of the road and the fuel gage is a little finicky when it gets near the bottom of the tank can't tell how much is left before empty.

A small nit to pick: I wish Kymco kept with the original turn signals beside the brake light as opposed to the ones that stick out.”

Wife and I have beenn riding this mid-size scooter going on 4 years now and we still love it. Fuel range is impressive now at an average of 190Km per tank with a tops of 289Km at a constant 75-80KPH. Driving around the streets of Toronto is a breeze as it is small enough to fit through small gaps but big enough to feel safe on the QEW. Great power with plenty to spare.

The Gage cluster is still a pain to read while on the road with out taking my eyes from the road and I have learned that it has an RPM/speed limiter so top speed is still 106KPH at 9500rpm and it feels like it has more to give.”

2013 KYMCO MOVIE 150
Milage: 0 - 1000 miles
Likes: Look/style, Fit/finish, Handling, Large Gas Tank, Fuel Fill Location, Ignition Key Options and Protection, Instrument Cluster, Pop Up Seat, Storage Capacity, Brakes, Smooth Riding, Handling and Cornering, Acceleration
Dislikes: Seat Cutout Section, No 12V Accessory for Cell Phone, Wish it had 6-12 MPH Top End

Review: I researched scooters for about a year before I decided to purchase this awesome little scoot. It looks more like a sport bike from the front and rear than a little scoot I've seen. I am 6' 220 lbs and with 150 miles on it so far it runs 63 mph, which in reality is plenty for the area I live in since 55 is the highest speed and most areas are 35 to 45.

This scooter in my opinion has the quality, fit and finish of a Honda
PCX and Yamaha SMAX. The flat floor and very large under seat storage are awesome, which for me makes it more desirable than the PCX. I am having my seat modded to make the front end of the seat go farther back on the seat by about 4 inches and will put some piping at the seam in the same color as the scoot and some Pro-glide fluorescent tape around the wheels, which will really make this little guy stand out. If you can get one BUY IT QUICK. The ONLY machine that compares to this is the PCX or SMAX, nothing else including Lance, SYM or Genuine. The scoot is worth the original MSRP of $3199 so if you can get it for $2500 to $2800 DO NOT HESITATE. I rented a pickup and drove 200 miles to get this little guy and it was worth it!”

2014 KYMCO MOVIE 150
Milage: 1000 - 5000 miles
Likes: Excellent power throughout rpm range, Handles great, Awesome brakes
Dislikes: None so far

Review: I have owned quite a few 150 bikes and the Movie 150 is by far the fastest, best handling one I have owned to date. The brakes are amazing with discs front and rear. Kymco has really stepped it up with this bike. Best of all it has a two year unlimited mileage warranty that is rivalled by no one. LOVE THIS BIKE!!!!!”


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