2009 KYMCO SUPER 8 150
Milage: 20,000 - 30,000 Miles
Likes: Reliable, big wheels = better ride, kick & electric start, side stand & center stand, value, lightweight, nimble, 2 year warranty.
Dislikes: 20 nuts and screws to change headlight, 25% off speedo, small storage, needs top trunk for commuting

Review: Bought from dealer as demo with year left on warranty...has been very repairs in 20k miles with only basic maintenance, oil changes, valve at 17k miles...winter storage in garage w trickle charger & Stabil gas treatment, run till hot 5 times, started first push every time. I am handicapped, can only manage a step through, & this light nimble scoot is perfect for me. The low price & high value is big bonus.”

2011 KYMCO SUPER 8 50
Milage: 0 - 1000 Miles
Likes: Fits a tall person well
Dislikes: No dislikes about this scooter

Review: ”I bought this scooter 2 weeks ago. It’s a 2011 Super 8 50cc that only had 95 kms on it. It’s a very good ride. I weigh 205 lbs and I’m 6’ tall and I can get up to 60km/hr on it. It’s very well made and I can drive it for hours. It handles great. I would not change this scooter in any ways. I’m very happy with it.”

2012 KYMCO SUPER 8 50cc
Milage: 0 - 1000 Miles
Likes: Looks good
Dislikes: Had to take it back for repair

Review: ”I brought a 2012 Super 8 50cc on Saturday 6/30/12 and had to take it back on Monday. I would had taken it back on Sunday if I could as they had sold me a bad one. The salesman told me not to run it over 20 mph for the first 300 miles - breaking in the engine he said. I couldn't go over 20 mph if I wanted to.

I called monday and I told him the scooter was not running right and he told me to take it to the shop close to my home and said to have them check the carb as they sit at the shop awhile and might need to be cleaned. So I did what he told me. The shop said the top end of the engine needed to be replaced and the carb.

So I paid $2456.00 for a new scooter to sit in the shop. Lucky me.”

2012 KYMCO SUPER 8 50cc
Milage: 0 - 1000 Miles
Likes: Performance, Styling
Dislikes: None

Review: ”I like my Super 8 150. It’s black w/ silver tone. After a month the speedo didn’t work. The speedo cable was ok because the needles moves when you turn the cable. The problem was the mechanism at the axle. No big deal under warranty.”

2013 KYMCO SUPER 8 50
Milage: 0 - 1000 Miles
Likes: Well built, Starts right away, Nice size, Great head lights, Can hear directional signals, and horn is sufficiently loud. I like that Kymco provides an aftermarket part to replace the governor and this is part of the new bike package.
Dislikes: -

Review: ”This is a great scooter. I really am impressed with it. It comes with a 2 year warranty. It is remarkably peppy and doesn't loose power going up hills. I am driving it easy because still in the break in period. It seems like it is really good quality and surprisingly good for a non-Japanese make.

I have received a number of compliments on it. I have a motorcycle license and this is my second scooter. I purchased it specifically so I could use it in the city and park it on the side walk. I am going to have the dealer take the governor off to give me a little more get away speed in the city when on longer stretches of road.

Very pleased with this quality product. I like that it is not little like a lot of the scooters I have seen. It commands a little more respect on the road.”

2013 KYMCO SUPER 8 150cc
Milage: 5000 - 10,000 Miles
Likes: Great on gas, easy to maintain, quick
Dislikes: Minor electrical issues during first 1000 miles and no local service center

Review: I purchased my Kymco to ensure that I could travel 21 miles each way to get to campus and back while I was a full time student. The bike had a few hiccups in the beginning because the headlight would go out quite often while I was riding the local highways. Fortunately the warranty covered the problem each time it happened. I also lost several bolts from the exhaust system during that period but they too were covered under warranty.

Even with the few problems I have had with my 150 I still wouldn't trade it for any other brand. It rides well, is very easy to control, and easily gets me from point A to point B reliably. I have found that it is true the speedometer reads faster than is accurate. My GPS reads reads 58 when the speedo indicates 62, but that is also not a big deal because I keep up with the flow of traffic on 55 mph highways without any problems. I would recommend the Super 8 to anyone who is looking for an affordably reliable deal on two wheels.”

2013 KYMCO SUPER 8 2T 50
Milage: 1000 - 5000 Miles
Likes: I love the acceleration mid and top end of this bike. It is built very well and definitely a superior scooter.
Dislikes: There isn't anything yet that i don't like about it

Review: This is a very sturdy built and nimble scooter. No problems at all so far.i have owned a bunch of scooters in my day and i must say this is one of the best ones I have had.”


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