Milage: 0 - 1000 Miles
Likes: Styling, Matte Color
Dislikes: Reliability, Seat Design, Gas Tank Location

Review: Owned the Kymco Super 8 prior to the re-design and it was a great bike for 5 years. Never had any repair/maintenance issues.

Bought the re-designed version and it's gone into the repair shop 5 times now within 2 months of ownership. Carburetor, ignition switch, electrical relay have all been repaired on different visits (under warranty) and the bike will still stall, fail to start, and have throttle issues.

The Kymco dealer/repair shop called Kymco corporate during my 5th return and said they need to take the bike back since it's a 'lemon' under California law.

Dealer says his replacement parts supplied by Kymco are now mostly manufactured in China instead of Taiwan within the last year. Definitely a bummer since my last Kymco Super 8 was running great and now the new line is having a bunch of issues. Wish I could buy my old bike back.”

2015 KYMCO SUPER 8 150X
Milage: 0 - 1000 Miles
Likes: Looks, handling (especially on gravel)
Dislikes: Reliability, poor gas milage, stalling, low actual top speed.

Review: Had the bike for a few weeks. It's has about 350 miles on it and has been in and out of the shop 3 times. It stalls on hills, only gets about 33 MPG and struggles to get past 45 mph (I’m not a large rider at 5'7" 180 lbs).

The dealership repairs it but it stops running well after just a few miles. I've had 3 Kymco's my other 2 where bullet proof. It appear Kymco blew it cutting to many corners with this new line. I'm a afraid this will be my last Kymco since they can't seem to make it right.”


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