Milage: 0 - 1000 Miles
Likes: Style, Comfort, Affordability, Easy to ride
Dislikes: No Side Stand

This is my first scooter and I absolutely love it. I'm 255lbs and this scooter will get me up to 50-55 no problem. I've had it up to 65 mph going downhill - it’s stable the whole time.

It has a little compartment when you push the key in it pops open just big enough to fit my sunglasses keys and maybe some other small things too. I wish it had a sidestand and kick start but I can live without.

I highly recommend getting the battery terminal thing so you can easily charge if it’s going to sit for a while. Since its electric start, you don't need the battery going dead with no way to start it.

Over all, I would recommend this scooter to anyone. It is a blast to ride on or off road. I've driven it around in grass & over some small bumpy terrain at the park & had no problems. I love my Typhoon.”

Milage: 1000 - 5000 Miles
Likes: Good looking scooter, Manoeuvrable.
Dislikes: Fuel consumption poor for a modern machine, Could do with a bit higher top speed

Got this scooter December last year - by January the forks were rusting. Took till March to get them replaced mainly due to Piaggio’s rubbish supply system.

At beginning of March also discovered that the speedometer was compromised by a stress fracture in the speedo lens. Dust, and by August, thunderbugs were getting into it. The replacement only came in August after some intense pressure by me, it had been ordered in March.

As for the scooter, it’s a good bit of fun if you can put up with the poor quality control. With all the competition about from China etc. the value of this scooter is mainly in its badge. Cost new approx. $2000. 8 months down the road and I’ve just been offered a max of $1300 against new Vespa PX by same dealer. That means a $700+ loss in 8 months.

As much as I've enjoyed riding this scooter, the surrounding problems have blunted the whole experience. My verdict: potentially a good scooter but let down by poor quality control and Piaggio's let them eat cake attitude.”

“I have had this machine since December 2011. On the whole a good scooter. Agile, good in traffic, not bad at cruising. Downside is the inaccurate speedo which is hard to read at a glance especially at night. The actual top speed is 60 but the speedo shows 70mph. That isn't flat out but is reasonably sustainable without chewing engine oil up. Overall mpg is around 60 - 65. Not too bad for a non electronic injection machine.

On the whole a good scooter: reliable and fairly tough. Tyres that come with it are okay at gripping but the rear is wearing out at 4800 kilometres. It would be a better machine with a top end of 65 mph. Still that can be sorted when its out of warranty. Apart from the speedo there was a warranty claim for rusting forks in January. They were done at end of March. The new pair have faired better, no more rust. All in all a good steady reliable machine.”

Milage: 1000 - 5000 Miles
Likes: Light, Agile and Fun to ride. Simple
Dislikes: No fuel injection

“I have only had this a couple of months and it’s my first scooter. Bought as a pit bike for track days mainly, but find myself throwing a leg over it for quick errands. I have a Ducati 999s and BMW R1200GSA in the stable also but find it’s just so easy and quick to hop on this one and go.

Time will tell about reliability but so far its fun to ride. I have owned 26 motorcycles in my 20 years of riding and am at the age (52) that I don't care what others think, so riding a scooter is no issue for me.”


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