Blue Yamaha CE50 Jog
1986 YAMAHA JOG (CE50)
Milage: 1000 - 5000 miles
Likes: Light weight, easy to maneuver, reliable, fairly fast, simple design, but well constructed.
No fuel gauge indicator on dash cluster, front blinkers, lack of aftermarket parts, especially exhaust.

“I have a couple of Yamaha Jog's, and I love my 1986 Jog. I have the yellow color and it runs like a champ. I like how they are easy to work on, and they can get you anywhere around town. I like how the CE50 Jogs are light weight and very easy to get around with.

These scooters are great if you like 50 cc scooters and are just looking for a good little toy. You can find them for very cheap if you look hard enough. I have purchased all of my Jogs for $220 or less and have put mostly detail and carb attention to them and they are all worth at least $400.00 now. Typically people do not know what they have and you can scoop them up. Put some detail into them, wax, clean the carb, put in some high octane fuel and carb and fuel injector cleaner and you will be good to go.”


Milage: 1000 - 5000 miles
Likes: Excellent project scooter
None so far

“I bought my 1989 CG50W - which was the yamaha Jog Riva when i bought it - for only $250. It had a slight exhaust leak, so instead of just fixing that issue i went ahead and ordered a new top end and variator, carb and exhaust and made this thing so peppy and reinforced the fork for higher speeds.

On one particular ride I had my phone GPS going and saw a max speed of 55mph with a few more RPMs to go, so I’m sure that I could have reach a top speed of 60 with no problem. I’m about to rebuild this thing now with certain parts and make this a beast that has the possibility to reach speeds in excess of 70 mph, which after that I will take it to my local highway patrol HQ and get it set up to have it titled and tagged and insured so that way I can ride it where ever I feel like and how fast I need to go and maybe convert a few big bike riders to the scooter craze taking over the country.

So in conclusion, I love my jog and will ride it until the frame falls apart.”

Milage: 1000 - 5000 miles
Likes: Really quick and fun, So far very reliable.
A little small - I would like the seat to be big enough for the occasional passenger.

It's hard not to like my little Jog. It's the 92 "Artistic Spec" model. But, after looking at the bike and any web research, I can't find anything that makes this CY50D any different that any other...save for the color scheme - Cocktail Red with Gray seat and floorboard. It's a good looking color scheme, much less teen mod looking than the other Jog colors that were out back then.

The scooter is the two stroke horizontal Minarelli design, and zips up and down my neighborhood hills with ease. It can accelerate uphill to 35mph while carrying me (185 lbs.) and some groceries. The worst that it has bogged down is to about 25mph on a very steep hill.

To get a bit more cushion, I swapped out the old tires for some Michelin S1 90/90-10s, both front and rear. This did slightly decrease torque at take off, but did smooth out the ride considerably. I would love a big wheel version of the Jog...maybe the jog with 14" rims. At 5'7", I'd like a slightly taller and longer seat, with rear passenger pegs. I've thought about the People 50. But, that one is slightly too tall to be comfortable.

Nevertheless, the diminutive size of the Jog is part of its charm. It's fun to be at the light riding a tiny scooter, then pull away faster than most cars can manage, and actually keep up with traffic. 40mph is no problem on the flats. And, I can get the scooter up to 45mph if I have a little be of road. Even though it would be nice to have a highway ready machine, this little scooter handles all it needs to for around town errands. It's super peppy...and keeps up with scooters that are 20 years newer.

It isn't the most economical of scooters...due to being a 2T. I get 50mpg or so riding in city traffic. There are a lot of hills around here and lots of stoplights. Still, I wouldn't trade the power for better mpg. And, it's a bit more economical than taking the car out for short errands. It's fun to be at the pump and fill up for about $2.

I bought this as a bargain entry into scooting...to see if I would like it.The answer is, "YES!"

If you find a Jog in good condition for $300-500, and aren't much taller than me (5'7), buy it. The Jog really is fun on 2 wheels. Even if you buy a big bike later...or already have one, you'll have fun riding the Jog.

The only caveat would be if you don't like dealing with 2 stroke scooters. You do have to buy 2T oil. The injection system works well. So, it's just a matter of keeping the oil tank full. For some reason, Yamaha opted to secure the oil tank cover with a screw. It's not a big deal. But, I can't help but wonder why it isn't just another key lock like the gas cap...or just knurled knob. Of course, it could just be that mine has been replaced by a previous owner.”

1994 YAMAHA JOG (CG50)
Milage: 1000 - 5000 miles
Likes: MPG, Peppy, Reliable
Top speed 41 mph, Rides low

“I found this scooter, helmet included with 860 miles on it for $475. What a STEAL! I would gladly have paid $600 for it and found my own helmet.

My daily commute is 8 miles RT and I fill up about every other week. My GasBuddy app tells me I'm averaging about 120 MPG and my spouse says we're saving almost $200/mo with this scooter.

It does seem awfully low to the ground and I have to greatly reduce speeds for bumps and uneven payment. And there are some speed wobbles at 40 mph, but nothing careful driving can't handle.

My only real complaint is that, despite being wonderfully suitable for in-town riding, as a SoCal resident most folks speed about 10+ the speed limit tempting me to derestrict this little guy to keep up. You can feel the power in the engine but it just tops out comfortably at 41 mph. Given the wobbly situation, I can imagine how dangerous a ride at 55-60 mph is, but 45-50 would make it the ultimate commuter and bang for the buck!!

I ALWAYS opt to ride the scoot for an errand within 10 miles. It's comfortable & fun - super slight and easy to maneuver.”

1997 YAMAHA JOG 50
Milage: 0 - 1000 Miles
Likes: Cheap, Reliable, Fast for size, Good acceleration, SHE HAS PEP!!, Decent Look, Plenty of Storage, Cheap to buy, Operate, Maintain, and Ensure, Very easy to use, Can keep up with most traffic, Pennies on gas, and more options for mod’ing and/or upgrading available and easy to do.
Dislikes: The size. IT is Small and I am a tall man and at 6'4 I am pretty big on this thing, but despite my size and perhaps the clown like look while driving on it, I can't help but enjoy myself.

This bike is awesome!! I just down graded from a 1984 Nighthawk 450 to this little Jog for financial reasons, and I can't complain. I got lucky with this one as it only had 169Km on it. "YOU READ IT RIGHT 169km" :) So this bike is virtually Brand new.

She is quiet, quick to respond when I need it to. Carries a decent amount of stuff, keeps up with traffic and I think it will be able to make longer trips if I ride carefully enough. Its something I look forward to putting to the test very soon ;)

I have no complaints what so ever. It’s small size for a tall but skinny man is a bit of an issue, but all those wonderful GREAT THINGS ABOUT IT make up for that one small issue. YAMAHA START MAKING THEM AGAIN!! I WILL BUY ONE OR TWO OR MORE!!!! ;)

IF you’re looking at getting a scooter, I STRONGLY RECOMMEND THE JOG. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!”

Milage: 0 - 1000 Miles
Likes: Reliable, fast, handles well, quick take offs, has soul
Dislikes: Tail light setup

I picked up this jog with 2176 miles on it. It had not been loved at all. Some kids had dumped it a few times and had been starting it with starter fluid doh!!! Fortunately I got a hold of her. I have now put over 4,000 miles on it! All it needed was the air box properly reattached with a proper filter. Also a new plug and battery.

Words can't describe how I feel about this scooter. Reliable is an under statement. I drive her about 20 miles a day to commute to work. I can keep up with city traffic. The Jog is very peppy off the line and can be wheelied. I removed the washer in the variator and I top her out at 45mph (GPS) on flat ground with no wind. I weigh 150. It gets about 70mpg. I may opt to put the washer back on as it has slowed down the take off significantly.

One of the real highlights of the Jog is the quick take offs. The minarelli engine is a powerful 49cc engine. Yamaha did a great job putting this scooter together. All the parts hold up well and are easily replaced. It is a small scooter but I like that. The Jog takes corners very well given the terrain is safe. Very nimble in traffic however you just be very careful as it can be hard for other vehicles to see you. It is also surprising to other vehicles to see such a small moped zipping around going 40+.

The horizontal Minarelli engine gives this little scooter an astonishing amount of trunk space. Damn near big enough to fit a full helmet. I have had it stuffed with coats and what not. The glove box is also very convenient. The brakes are not the greatest but with the size they suffice very well. The Jog has some quirks it likes to be run, if you let it sit sometimes it has to be Kickstarted. This scooter has been amazing for me as a guy who knew nothing about motors or scooters. Everything works very well and can easily be serviced with a little research. I plan to upgrade the carb jets ,modify the air box and add a new exhaust. The suspension is stiff at least on mine and doesn’t like bumps at high speeds. I also don’t like how haphazard the tail light assembly is. This is a great little 49cc scooter that will give you many years of scooting if you take care of it.“


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