Milage: 20,000 - 30,000 miles
Likes: Style, Milage, Handling
Air filters, Seat, Rear Tire, Air Stem

Review: I bought this scooter second hand while vacationing in Florida in winter of 2014. I totally love riding this machine - it is my main mode of transportation. I had a 200cc scooter before this one which didn't give me enough highway power. The Majesty has plenty of passing power on the highway. I'm not a speed freak, so I am quite satisfied with the bike overall. Did my first long trip this summer from Ontario to New Brunswick (over 1000 miles) and found it generally comfortable, needing breaks every couple of hours. I am a slim person, so I find the seat somewhat too hard, so I bought a pair of padded cycling liners and I added a cushion to help out. I strapped a large duffle bag on the passengers seat and used bungee cords to hold it down. It sure added extra weight to the bike, specially when using the centre stand, but I was able to put it up with no major problems.

Whenever I'm stopped and there's people around, they are often curious and ask questions about it. I am constantly washing and waxing it, keeping it clean with microfiber cloths. It makes me proud to be an owner of a Yamaha Majesty. If I ever upgrade, it will be for a newer model. The rear tire has very little room for my hand and tire gauge to check the pressure. The 2005 model came with an elbow type stem, and the air filter casing gets in the way of easy access to the stem, but not a big deal though.”

“Lots has happened since I first bought the scoter. I did make the trek to New Brunswick summer of 2014 and made an even longer trip to Florida, October 2015. For quite some time now, I had been experiencing hesitancy and vibrations when decelerating under 40 km/hr. I had taken it to 3 different Yamaha dealerships who diagnosed it as: dirty air filters, dirty clutch (they cleaned it), and V-belt issues. Without knowing how much it will cost for parts and labour, I decided to hold off. I finally found a fourth dealership that offered me this option: pay an evaluation fee of $200.00 to see what the problem is. If I decide not to go with repairs, all I'm out is $200.00; if I decide to go with repairs, the $200.00 will go towards the total invoice. So I did. Result? Replaced: V-belt, primary sheaves, rollers and weights. Total cost $1000.00. Just in time for my trip to Florida. I had a very large and heavy duffle bag on the passenger seat, weighing at least 60 lbs. Speed limit on I 75 is mostly 65 - 70 mph. Everything runs smoothly until I get to Daytona Beach FL - I had been riding at 70 mph / 80 mph - when all of a sudden, the scooter starts slowing down to 60 mph, so I open up the throttle all the way and ... nothing happens. The scooter continues to go between 50 - 60 mph - even while riding on a flat surface.

I took it to an authorized Yamaha dealer in Fort Lauderdale and they discover that the secondary sheaves now has a groove in it, the V-belt has been worn down on one side and the clutch assembly needs to be replaced. Total cost: $1300.00 USD (parts $900.00 + labour). I'm told by friends who own / have owned bigger bikes, that a 400cc was not built to withstand going at high speeds with that much weight for so long. Is this true? I may never know. I just hope it makes it back to Ontario Canada in April once its fixed. I plan to outsource Yamaha parts on
www.partzilla.com (genuine OEM parts) so that I can save a bit of money (half the price). Now all I need to do is find a local scooter / motorbike shop who will do the repairs with the parts I supply. Is this an isolated incident for a Majesty, or are they all like this? Not meant for long distance at high speeds?”

Milage: 5000 - 10,000 miles
Likes: Performance and excellent brakes
None so far

Review: An avid motorcyclist I purchased an 87 Honda Elite 150 out of curiosity. Fun but small and limited to about 60mph. Don't forget the 10" wheels. Replaced it with a used Honda Reflex 250. The smallest maxi was a huge improvement. Fine for back roads but a little light in the power department. I would recommend this scooter if you rarely travel freeways.

I purchased the Majesty last October with 1500 miles. Much porkier than the 250. Felt like the tail was wagging the dog until I got used to it. Love the performance. I find myself riding it more than my 1000cc VStrom other than multiple day trips. Handles great and will cruise for hours at an indicated 80 @ 6000 RPM. I added a top case and replaced the windshield with an oversize Givi. The Givi provides hand protection and a larger envelope. No regrets.

Milage: 20,000 - 30,000 miles
Likes: Comfort, performance, storage
Terribly designed air filters, wind buffeting

Review: I'm on my second '05 Majesty and have used them for anything from city commuting and errands to 600Km+ day rides to long distance touring on paved and unpaved roads. Overall, I'm very happy with it. Majesty strikes the right balance between comfort, ease of use, performance and economy. It does almost everything very well and without fuss, from carrying groceries to blasting over hundreds of kilometers of gravel. It has its quirks, but I have only two complaints:

- The design and position of air filters (there are two) is Majesty's Achilles's heel. They get very dirty very fast and if neglected can result in catastrophic engine failure. They need frequent inspection and replacement anywhere from every 6,000Km to under 1,000Km, depending on the riding conditions. That is way too often compared to other bikes that only need their air filters inspected/replaced every 30,000Km or so.

- Windshield introduces quite a bit of buffeting at head level and knees are not as well protested from the wind as they should be on a scooter. Both flaws can be mitigated by using aftermarket parts, but it would have been better if Yamaha paid a little more attention to wind protection.

Top speed of both of my Majesty was around 145Km/h (measured by GPS). Newer models may be a little faster, but I doubt it - quoted top speeds of over 100mph+ are way off.

Acceleration from a stop begins quite sedately (there's very little chance of breaking traction and no possibility whatsoever of a wheelie), but increases almost exponentially all the way to about 70Km/h. Than it keeps the same level to about 120 when it starts to taper down. Getting away from most other vehicles at the stop light is a given. Passing at highway speeds takes a little planning, but is far from uncomfortable. I kept cruising speed of 130km/h quite comfortably for hours. This bike performs much better than it's 33hp and heavy weight would suggest.

Brakes are excellent and the bike very composed even in emergency braking situations. They respond instantly, grab very well and are easy to moderate. I have never felt the need for the second disk up front.

Thanks to its low center of gravity Majesty is very maneuverable and easy to navigate in city traffic. It is a big scooter though (longer wheelbase than my Bandit 1200) so don't expect to hustle it between cars like a moped.

Two up comfort is excellent and the bike is not bothered much by the extra weight. The exception are passenger footplates that are fixed and narrow, so the passenger has no room to move his legs around.

Under seat storage is bigger and better designed than any other scooter I know. It can easily fit two full size helmets, plus a lot of other smaller items. The split seat also means that you can strap a duffel bag on passenger seat while retaining easy access to under seat storage.

Fuel economy on my last long trip (heavy load, high speeds, difficult terrain) was 4.33L/100Km (54mpg), which I consider awesome. I'm pretty sure economy of under 4L/100Km can be easily achieved with more moderate riding.”

Milage: 5000 - 10,000 miles
Likes: Rides smooth at high speeds, easy to work on, looks ok, reliable, very fun to ride
Stupid air filters

Review: I'm 5'7 175 pounds so this fits me well.
I think it would be comfortable up to 5'10, 210 pounds. Anymore then that and it might not fit you. Can't say enough about this scooter in fact I think of it as more of a motorcycle then a scooter. The air filter design is dumb bit honestly there not as hard to take off as everyone says. I highly suggest aftermarket filters as the OEM ones are very expensive.

It's very easy to ride at high and low speeds. Buy a service manual and you can do almost anything that needs service.These are very reliable and made well. There really isn't much I don't like about this scooter.

There's an online
Majesty owners group that's very useful. I suggest you join if you own one of these or are thinking about buying one.

Overall I'd give this machine a 9/10 easy.”

Milage: 20,000 - 30,000 miles
Likes: Storage, cruising speed, seating position
Acceleration/weight, air filters

Review: ”I own three other bikes, and bought this used Majesty because of its huge storage (it came with an additional top box) and seating position. It had been somewhat neglected. I mounted a new front tire, changed all the fluids, and swapped out the stock air filters for foam units. There are two air filters, and due to a rather poor design, they get dirty much quicker than most bikes, as does the transmission air filter. The scoot was shuddering a bit, so I removed the clutch and variator, cleaned it all up, and installed new weights. It helped quite a bit. The drive belt should be changed every 12,000 mi.

This is a heavy bike for its displacement; the 0 - 20 mph acceleration is slower than my old 150 scooter. It will, however, pull me to about 95 indicated, and cruises easily at 70+. Mileage seems to be around 65, on regular grade. The seating position is comfortable. It could use a taller windshield. The brakes are adequate.

There is a very helpful
online owners group, if you desire to do your own repairs. Parts are also available online, if you don't live near a shop. Overall, it's a nice machine.”

Milage: 20,000 - 30,000 miles
Likes: The speed, the looks, the power
With a full tank, it’s hard to get up on the center stand

Review: I bought this from another owner who couldn't ride it and his Goldwing, so it had to go.

It's a beautiful bike, lots of power to avoid the drivers eating lunch while checking their email. It's cherry red (love the visibility), super comfortable, and lets me relax while I ride.

It gets (right now) 49.5 MPG; I am taking it to my dealer for a tuneup look-see to see if that boosts the mileage any.

The storage on this thing is massive! I can put a blanket, thermos, lunch, my helmet, and a pool cue case under the seat with a little spare left. Add the Givi box on the back and I'm set for any kind of trip.”

Milage: 20,000 - 30,000 miles
Likes: Quiet, fun to ride, good mileage, not THAT hard to maintain
Air filters require you to be in a good mood to deal with

Review: I bought my '06 new in 07 for $4150 out the door, so I stole mine. But that being said, I've really enjoyed it. I've got almost 25,000 miles on it and had no issues that aren't normal. I had the fuel pump recall taken care of (new bikes don't have this issue) and I changed the back tire twice and the front tire once. Still on original brakes with fronts looking to wear more than rears. (normal) The battery is a PITA to get to but on my 06 model I'm still on the original battery cranking it like a charm!

I've changed the belt at 24000 miles as well as the rollers to Dr Pulley sliders. At first the sliders felt great and different, now the bike feels like it did before. Weird, I know. With the stock 15gm weights it would do 65 indicated at 5000rpm. Now it's doing 5300rpm at 65 indicated. The mileage went down slightly with the weights. Not sure why though.

My only complaint, and its the same for everyone else, is those air filters. They get dirty fast, there is 2 of them, and both are a PITA to get off. If you keep the paper filters, they're also expensive. I did the foam mod to mine back in 07 and haven't looked back. You still need to clean them often. I guess you could say my other complaint is that it doesn't have blinker buzzers stock. I had to install some 12v buzzers from radio shack so I could hear when the blinkers were on because on a bright summer day with the sun overhead you wont be able to see the little lights on the dash blinking. And you surely don't want a car pulling out in front of you thinking you're turning on a road because your blinker is still on.

I changed my stock plug to an E-3 plug. I saw about a 5mpg increase in mileage and it starts easier now.

Like everyone else says, storage is great. I added a top box and storage almost becomes stupid. I actually use a large ice chest to take advantage of the huge passenger seat area for storage too. It's almost stupid how much junk I carry on this bike.

The one thing that nobody mentioned is how incredible the HEADLIGHTS are. I read one review stating at the time they were the brightest headlights of any motorcycle on the road today. I agree. On high beam, I've had oncoming cars flash their lights at me on a bright sunny day! And I'll tell you one thing, I've had fewer cars pull out in front of me on my bike than in my car. WAY FEWER. So those things make a difference. They blow my aftermarket truck headlights out of the water. The large LED rear light is also neat and bright as hell. Its also very big so you can be seen. The blinkers front and rear are large and easy to see. I don't like being invisible on this machine and with the great lights, you aren't! One other thing, BOTH headlights are ALWAYS ON, whether you choose low or high beam so you aren't riding around with one light out like crotch rockets do, making it look like you have a headlight out. If you switch to high beam, BOTH lights go from low to high and your world suddenly becomes illuminated!”

Milage: 5000 - 10,000 miles
Likes: Everything

Review: I bought the Majesty 400 as a companion to my Morphous 250 scooter in March 2016 with 4700 miles on it. It is smooth, quick and comfortable. My ONLY gripe is that the seat will not adjust back far enough to give me leg room unless I remove the bolster pad which leaves 4 ugly holes in the seat. I can live with that. But it is still unattractive. This is strange because the bike is tall enough that I can barely flat foot at stop lights. Why make a scooter that tall when you don't have enough leg room to fit people with long legs?

On a recent 1500 mile trip around the midwest I rode for 10 days to visit friends and to do some business carrying everything I needed. I could realistically travel with no external storage on my own but my work required about 80 lbs of extra stuff. The longest day was 600 miles with lots of curves. It handles traffic great, is smooth and comfortable at any speed I want to go. On one trip of 250 miles I was required to follow a friend who drives like a maniac. I hit an indicated 100 mph a couple of times, which was probably 90-95 with no difficulty and had lots of pull left. I prefer to run at 5000 to 6000 rpm or 65-75 mph (the Morphous is 7500-9000 rpm at the same speeds) but the bike is totally smooth at 75 and does not get blown around by side winds.

Yes I get tired of sitting but the 3.7 gallon tank requires a stop every 140-150 miles. A minor beef...bigger tank? but I was averaging over 55 mpg at 75 mph - slightly higher than the Morphous. Overall its a great bike. It is easily as fast as my old 800cc though not as powerful. At lower rpm, say 4000, it is DEFINITELY a "thumper" (a 400 cc single!) but once you hit 5000 rpm it is glass smooth. Not selling this one any time soon!”

Milage: 20,000 - 30,000 miles
Likes: Handling, acceleration, stability on highway, storage capacity
Passenger seat, side stand

Review: Superb transportation machine. I prefer it to my car in all dry-pavement conditions, unless I have to take a passenger or a large load. I do not do any of the maintenance myself. Drove a 250cc Yamaha Riva for 17 years and only stopped when it was crushed by an SUV in a parking lot (I wasn't on it, fortunately). The Riva was only fast enough for city streets, but the Majesty will do those plus highway.

Have had the Majesty for 10 years and 26K miles, and use it on everything from 2 mile trips on city streets to 40 mile round trip daily commutes on highways up to 80 mph. It will go faster, but I don't need to. Have never had an accident though have managed to slew the rear tire a bit during panic stops, all caused by inattentive or reckless automobile drivers. Stability is good even on wet pavement, but have never tried snow or ice. Winds higher than 45mph do cause some buffeting, but even my car moves a bit in those. Added the Yamaha leg wind deflectors, all else is stock. Reliability has been perfect, as was the 250cc Riva. The air filters do clog quickly, but the engine sound will alert you to the problem.

I wish Yamaha still brought the Majesty to the USA, but it looks like I'm going to ride this one another 10 years. IF I have to replace it, the leading contenders would be the Honda 300 or the Piaggio 350 BV. Another wish is that Yamaha offered an option for commuters rather than 2-up riders, in which the seat was modified for just the driver, with increased storage space, fuel capacity, and backrest, with the sacrifice being the passenger seat and footpegs.”

Milage: 1000 - 5000 miles
Likes: Great looks and ride
Handlebars too close to knees

Review: ”I really like this scoot, lots of great features, runs beautiful, great looking, nice dash, fast, quiet and easily carries two people comfortably.

Milage: 10,000 - 20,000 miles
Likes: Great commuter also great for 1 up long rides and camping trips
I wish the handle bars were up a little higher. also the windscreen is a little low for a 5'10" rider i get a lot of wind noise

Review: Love the scoot. I average 50 miles to the gallon. With a little caution when driving I have got as high as 60 mpg. The Majesty will run at 70 plus all day long, faster if wanted. I have had mine over 100 on a few occasions. You can expect a little vibration in the mid 90s but it goes away around 100.

I ride mine up the 8 miles of switchbacks 8% grades. It will go as fast as you are crazy enough to go corners. I have come off the mountain with bullet bikes. They can speed up faster than me but I can take the corners with any of them. I love the looks in their mirrors. A great commuter and touring scooter.”

Milage: 5000 - 10,000 miles
Likes: Styling, Handling, Ride, Economy, Performance
Strong & low cross winds push her a little

Review: I keep thinking I need a bigger regular bike. But I searched long and hard before I bought my Majesty. It does everything so well, and even has car like features. Dash, storage, built in lights, etc. I keep finding out this bike looks good, rides good, gives me great mpg (55).

Only problem was a fuel pump, but got that replaced with yamaha's help and after that runs great. I would definitely buy her again. I even love the color: Raven Red.”

Milage: 5000 - 10,000 miles
Likes: Handling, power, looks
Not any so far

Review: I purchased my majesty with very low miles, used. I've owned other Yamaha brand bikes and always wanted a Majesty. I would highly recommend to anyone who wants a bike to commute long distances because this bike can save you loads of money @ 50MPG. The handling of this bike is simply a pleasure to ride. I haven't changed anything out except side mirrors and have had great long rides, or just short ones too. Great to pick up a few things at the store for the storage can handle it well. Its looks are streamlined nicely and clean up nicely after a ride. It's ready to ride off the floor but you can trick it out as you like after you get it.

I'd recommend this maxi scooter (bike) for everything it offers. Yamaha is staple in bikes and this bike shines through.”

Milage: 20,000 - 30,000 miles
Likes: Comfort, Speed
Max 6 feet tall to be comfortable

Review: After trading up from 153cc in 2010, I have found the Majesty to be amazingly road worthy and reliable. I replaced the windshield with a touring version since I do a lot of week long trips with a mix of interstate and rural roads. I also added a second stop light and 50 liter top box for extra clothing when my wife goes along on the overnights.

My Gold Wing and Harley riding companions often note they expected to see me lagging behind, but the reverse is often true, especially on tight mountain curves. I also had a GPS mount added and BMW power jack to prepare for a 3000 mile trip to Canada last year.

I strongly recommend this scooter for general use and limited touring. The only repair I have made was to replace the alternator after a week of high speed touring in 95 to 110 degree weather, including the Dragon and Blue Ridge Parkway in one day. The winding insulation had broken down - no surprise. One other note - It was delivered with Dunlop tires. After replacing the first set with Metzeler tires, the cornering and high speed stability was significantly improved (It wasn't bad before). Other scooter makers are introducing newer models since 2010, but the Majesty has earned a solid place in the market for now at its price point.”

Milage: 1000 - 5000 miles
Likes: Complete package - ample storage, comfort, power and economy
Dislikes: Can not add a drivers backrest like the 2008 and earlier models

Review: I spent 6 months researching the scooter market and hands down the Majesty 400 hits all the marks. Great fairing for wind protection, proven motor for reliability, acceleration and cruising speeds faster than most automobiles (it is scooter, so let go of any illusion you will be race bike fast) and it comes from the factory with just about everything included (windshield, storage, sport tires, center stand, fuel injection, water cooled, front and rear disc brakes, etc.).

Purchased a used 2010 model with low mileage and have had all the benefits of a new ride at 1/2 the cost. Ride is very smooth, handling is stable and quick, engine is very quiet (why would anyone change the muffler?) and the leg room (I have very bad knee - so need to stretch out my legs) is wonderful. The seat has a range adjustment of about 2.5 inches which is factory set at the greatest room. Twist and go - gas is a once in a while necessity and the body wipes done in seconds to stay looking good. Valves go 24,000 miles between maintenance adjustments - the drive belt is good for 12,000 or longer. Really pleased with the whole package.”

Milage: 5000 - 10,000 miles
Likes: Ride, handling, comfort, storage, range, adequate power, super lighting
Dislikes: Stock windscreen could be slightly higher

Review: I never thought I would be riding - never mind liking - a scooter. I was looking for an upgrade to my trusty Classic 79' CX 500 Honda. After 17 years & myself turning the big 65, I thought a new bike for birthday was due. So I wanted a mid size bike with no chain / good handling & much better mileage as I was tired of having that range anxiety complex. My biking buddy alerted me to the maxi scooter thing, so I tried & found a mint low mileage 2011 Majesty & took her for a test ride & happily rode her home in west coast 7C weather.

After a full fun season of use, I must say I'm a happy rider as her Majesty does all that I need much better then the Honda except for the initial take off torque and getting used to (quite easily) the big change in riding style to a scooter, such as the CVT automatic: no shifting but hey no problem - you're always in the right gear & there still is some engine breaking ability.

The bike handles better then I expected & feels lighter too (although almost the same weight as the CX) due of course to that low centre of gravity. In addition, the newer technology from 1979 to 2011 is quite evident with the brakes, fuel injection, 3x the range & similar power ratio e.g. doing 5000rpm at 100k.

I live on the Sunshine Coast of Canada & the Majesty is a perfect fit for my typical usage: fun small highway in the countryside. There is wonderful storage (stock) for picking up groceries & beverages (better then my older bike that had attached luggage). I wouldn't feel as comfortable riding on a major highway like the Trans Canada (not that I like riding freeways anyway).

The 2011 model only came in to Canada & it came stock with great Pirelli Diablo tires. The only add on that have been really worth it are the Yamaha leg shields which extend the body of the bike enough so that it shields the width of your feet & more overall wind leg protection. They fit perfectly on the bike & should have come with it. You’ll notice the wind with height of the stock screen -it’s just a tad short (depending on your height) so the wind comes just above my chin. It’s not too big an issue until 100-110k. I also added Isotta hand guards (from Italy) which match & fit perfectly - good wind & bug protection for your hands on the pen country road.

The other issue you have to adjust to is adjusting your riding style, especially coming from years of regular motorcycling with shifting gears. Riding the twisties requires slowing down a bit into the curve before powering out & being aware of road surfaces more (pot holes!) especially having smaller wheels. Take it easy till you adjust to your Maxi scoot and then you can keep up with your other biker buddies with far greater weather protection, storage & comfort then most other 2 wheelers. Enjoy the ride & her Majesty won't disappoint.”

Milage: 5000 - 10,000 miles
Likes: Manoeuvrability, long range comfort, performance, low noise
Dislikes: Factory torque on the air filter covers screws, no 12V SAE socket, factory windscreen

Review: Cons:
* I don't have a problem with the far-more-frequent-than-noted-in-the-manual inspection and maintenance of the air filters on this bike. But I do have a problem with how the factory robots tightened down the screws to make the first inspection impossible without drilling out several of the screws. An imported JIS screwdriver for a perfect fit instead of an ill-fitting Phillips? Nope. Screw extractor? Not good enough.
* The factory windscreen routed all the wind into my face. Bugs would fill my visor, block up the vents on the top of the helmet.
* I could use a 12V socket for accessories, such as heated clothing or a GPS.

All three of these can be resolved. Screws can be professionally removed for the first inspection and filter replacement. A Laminar Lip can be added to the top of the factory windscreen, or an aftermarket windscreen can be installed. An SAE socket can be added.


This is simply a joy to ride, especially long distances. The extended floorboard provides your legs with many different positions. Having a CVT means you're never in the wrong gear. The acceleration is acceptable for city and highway, and the low center of gravity provides great manoeuvrability.”

Milage: 1000 - 5000 miles
Likes: Ride, riding position, storage, lighting, handling, styling, built quality
Dislikes: High speed buffeting, weight

Review: I chose to buy a 2013 model new from a dealer in April 2015 that had it on sale. I had no intention of buying it until I gave it a test ride. I was looking at a Piaggio BV350 and a Kymco Downtown 300i to replace my Vespa 250 GTS that blew an engine after a oil pump failure. The Kymco was way too cramped for my large frame and the BV seemed cheaply assembled, and I'd just been burned by a Piaggio product. I'd known of the Majesty for a while, and had ridden with a guy that rode one, but it had never been on my radar. It looked pretty badass with its charcoal black paint , dual headlights, and LED taillights, so I tried it out. I was immediately impressed with it's speed, comfortable riding position, handling and looks. Although it lacked the rocket fast take off that my GTS was known for, it got up to speed quickly enough to escape traffic. The low center of gravity gave it more nimble handling than I would have expected from such a heavy machine. The fit and quality of fit and finish was way better than the BV and the difference of the seat and leg room were night and day better than the Kymco. I rode it 120 miles home in the rain. I stayed well protected from the weather, and she behaved perfectly. I've been riding her since then almost daily without incident. I've done 1 oil change which was a breeze, but I'm looking at the other access points for air filters, transmission and battery, and I'm not looking forward to disassembling all of the tupperware that must be taken off and put back on. I will practice patience when those service intervals come up.

One issue I have is her behavior on the highway above 70 mph. She has plenty of guts to get there, and beyond, up to 90 indicated, but getting there is a wrestling match with the wind. She gets buffeted more than my GTS did with the small windscreen. I've read on the Majesty forums that replacing the windscreen will fix the problem, but since I don't routinely ride her on the freeway, I'm not sure I'll go to the cost and hassle of swapping one out. 90% of my riding is below 60, so no big deal.

The other nit picky thing is the weight. She is equipped with a parking brake, which is almost a requirement for a beast of her size. She requires a few more maneuvers to tuck her into my garage than the Vespa did, but she's worth the extra dance steps.

It's not been that long of an ownership experience so far, but at this point I'd have to say I'm very pleased with the purchase and would recommend this vehicle to anyone wanting a cool looking maxi that is fun, powerful and reliable. It's a good value as is, and I bet you will be able to find NOS and good used examples for excellent prices.”


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