Review: “I bought my Yamaha CA50 for $175. The guy told me I would never get it running. He put new wheels and cables. The carb was total crap it would bog horrible with 1/2 or more throttle.

I bought a new carb and new battery. The electric start still works. The scooter only has 2400 miles on it. The exhaust was rusted a little bit and with a rust hole, the thing would do 40mph but would only do 25mph up hill. So I took the exhaust to a muffler shop had them clean it out with a torch. Once I got the exhaust fix the CA50 will on cruise 30-33mph but it will pull top speed up step hills so it cruise a lot nicer thru town.

I disabled the premixer and always mix 50:1. That works the best for me. The pros of this beast is it is very light and the brakes are excellent. The handling does allow me to zip thru traffic. The turning radius is just crazy. This will turn circles around any other scooters. Cons include there is no storage at all, so always pack light or bring a backpack. Also this thing drinks gas pretty fast I think I only get 50-55 mpg...maybe less not really sure. But I always run 104 octane with synthetic PJ1 2 stroke oil.”

- Tommy

1983 YAMAHA CA50
Milage: 0 - 1000 Miles
Likes: Small, Light, Reliable
Top Speed

”I acquired a 1983 CA50 this year. It had 000038 original miles. I cleaned it up and have put 500 miles on it. My only complaint is my top speed of 25 mph. It climbs hills good but just doesn’t peak out like I think it should. It’s all stock, original choke set up and all. Could some one please tell me how to go faster? I have had to play with carb after cleaning it so it will idle and run.”


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