The scooter market just got more interesting in recent days with major announcements from both Piaggio and Honda.

Piaggio’s line has taken a huge step forward with their announcement of a second generation of the popular Fly scooter. The original Fly debuted in North America for 2005, so it was due for some revisions. Piaggio took the wraps off the second generation style in fall 2011 at the Milan show and with producing starting last fall, but up until now we’ve been left wondering if it’ll arrive in North America and what motors will be offered.

That speculation ended this week, when Piaggio announced both 50 and 150 models for the USA and only the 50cc variant for Canada - all of which are arriving now. The Fly 50 continues to use Piaggio’s fancy 4 valve motor (of Vespa fame) which was added for 2011, while the Fly 150 gets Piaggio’s much anticipated 3 valve fuel injected 150cc motor. This new motor boosts both power (+0.5hp to 12.1) and fuel economy over the outgoing model.

The styling of the Fly is a breath of fresh air. The edgy look is unique among scooters and far less generic than its predecessor. The result is a sleek package that’s going to draw stares on the street and in Piaggio showrooms for years to come. And the best part: MSRPs remain unchanged at $2199 / $2899 (USA) and $2295 (Fly 50) in Canada. Pretty darn reasonable for a scooter this nice. Check out the full Motor Scooter Guide write up.

Honda has also been juggling their scooter line in recent years, with short lived forays with the
Elite 110 and SH150i before finding success with the PCX150. In that same vein, Honda’s new Forza takes the style of the PCX150 and amps it up into the highway devouring category. The Forza 300 has now been announced as a 2014 model for both Canada and the USA and is expected in showrooms in the next few weeks.

The Forza (model code NSS300) is actually the modern incarnation of the Reflex, which was known as the Forza globally but rebadged here. North American missed the last generation of the Forza (2008 - 2012) but this all new machine attempts to make up for that. The Forza 300 gets the boost to 279cc and is capable of exceeding 90mph. Besides power, the Forza provides the complete package of features from well designed storage areas and classy black rims to ABS (optional in the USA).

Unlike their misstep with the SH150, Honda has priced the Forza aggressively from the get go. In America the MSRP is $5599 - directly in line with Kymco’s competing Downtown 300i. Antilock Brakes add $500 for a $6099 bill, while ABS is standard in Canada as part of the reasonable $6399 price tag. It’s great to see Honda filling in the gaps in their lineup and getting more aggressive with pricing instead of resting on their laurels.

If there is a complaint with the Forza, it’s the rather slim selection of colors. American buyers won’t need to spend too much time mulling over the color swatches, as Honda has decided that all Americans like red. Those tough to please Canadians are a bit luckier and get a choice between Pearl Red and Silver. For full details, check out the complete Motor Scooter Guide write up on the new Forza.

Both the new Fly scooters and the Forza are attractive and highly practical new offerings in their respective segments. It’s great to see manufacturers introducing excellent new models and pricing them to sell. We’ll be seeing a lot of all three on the road in the years to come.

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