Vespa has been busy refreshing their scooter line up for 2016. The first changes came in summer 2015 with the early introduction of the 2016 GTV 300 (not shown). This revised GTV gained ABS and ASR (traction control) like the GTS models did for 2015, but Vespa went a step further and also redesigned the saddle, added a new tail light with a chrome frame, chromed the rims and revised the front rack and windscreen. With the updates the GTV 300 rose $100 to $7499 in the USA. Pricing in Canada is $7795 which is steal with the Canadian dollar at $0.73. The only GTV color for 2016 is metallic grey.

Also new is the Emporio Armani edition of the
946 (aka 946 EA). This time around the 946 is offered in a neat dark grey/green color with handsome matte black accents including the rims. It’s a great look other than the over abundance of Armani logo’s on the machine. Some accents like the rear rack and mirrors are a nice pewter finish. As usual, the 946 is likely to list for around $10g and it apparently is only being offered from a few big dealers in handful of major cities.

More relevant to regular Vespa enthusiasts are the new versions of the Sprint and Primavera. Vespa has done a nice job putting together a sport version of the Sprint and a touring version of the Primavera. The sport version of the Sprint is called the Sport S 150 (no 50cc option) and it adds a ribbed seat, black rims and side striping on top of the unique titanium color for an extra $100 vs. the regular Sprint. It’s a nice option for the extra money. The rims in particular look great in black.

The new Primavera Tourer 150 is a tougher decision because it adds a substantial $400 to the price tag ($5399). This touring version adds a few functional features (windscreen, rear rack) and a few features that are more for style (ribbed leather seat, front rack). This model carries on where the old LXV 150 left off in the spirit of Quadrophenia.

Pricing is up across the Vespa range by $50-$100. The 50cc Vespa’s are up $50 to $3650 (Primavera) or $3750 (Sprint). The 150 models are up $100 to $4999 (Primavera) or $5299 (Sprint). The reason for the price difference between the Sprint and Primavera is because only the former comes with ABS.

With all the new features the Primavera Tourer is listing for $5399, which is the same as the Sprint S 150, so it’s your choice between ABS or a few racks and a windscreen. Color options are also updated for 2016, with Vespa typically narrowing the choices by a few colors.

USA MODELS: Primavera 50 / 150 / 150 Touring, Sprint 50 / 150 / S 150, 946, GTS 300 / 300 Super / 300 Super Sport SE / GTV 300
CANADA MODELS: Primavera 50 / 150, Sprint 50 / 150, GTS 300 / 300 Super /300 Super Sport SE / GTV 300

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