The worst condition Honda Gyro ever

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The worst condition Honda Gyro ever

Post by Cubey »

I paid $120 for it. ($100+20 delivery) That's about all it was worth in parts (the motor was totally ruined), but I am fixing it anyway!

I have a used replacement motor already, new tires, lots of other new parts. I am working on getting a seat and a few other parts from someone on another forum. I haven't fired up the replacement motor yet, due to needing parts still (waiting on a new petcock) and the fuel tank is majorly varnished, so it has some lacquer thinner soaking in it right now.

Parts I have bought so far:

- cheap Aero/early SA50 starter (can be hacked to work with TG50)
- New battery
- Kenda 3.00-10 front tire
- 13x5.00-6 street treat tires for the rear
- Throttle cable (bought one 7 inches long due to the poor description, but I'll make it work)
- Cheap new crappy quality carb (the original is badly varnished, I'm not sure if it can be saved)
- Cheap new petcock (same as the carb, plus it has a leak,varnish has been seeping out of it)

I also blew a lot of money on bearings, seals, head gaskets, piston/rings for the original engine before I saw how bad it was. Oh well, I have the parts now to rebuild the replacement engine if it ever needs it.

It stills need a seat and 2 sets of brake shoes, which I might get in a couple weeks from someone on another forum. Unless I find more wrong, that's about all that's left.

Only parts missing are the two typical plastic covers: the one above the seat back, and the one over the engine. The engine itself was complete, aside from the muffler being removed but included. It was abandoned on a vacant lot out in the woods that had a home on it at one time. A guy bought the lot and was clearing it for a new house or trailer to be put on it and there it was.

About the only somewhat good parts from the old motor are the cylinder, head, and oil pump (maybe). Maybe the stator is good? It looks pretty bad but maybe it'll still work? The flywheel is horrible too but I'm hoping it'll still work good enough with the poor looking stator.

The pics show how I got it. (None of the replacement parts are in these pics)
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