1985 Yamaha Riva XC125

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1985 Yamaha Riva XC125

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Hi, First post so bear with me,

Sort of long write up but, if anyone can help!! id appreciate it!!

Picked up a very used 1985 Yamaha Riva XC125 for very cheap ($200). Needs a lot of TLC Unfortunately it has been tweaker'd to hell and i am trying to get it going with replacing parts correctly. I guess there would be a better understanding with a short back story.... so for starters the ignition was bypassed, i am guessing because they lost the keys? so there was a switch hacked in with speaker wire to turn on and off the accessories. The starter push button on the handlebars was also bypassed and they tapped into the starter relay with a push button and located it under the seat on the battery tray to kick the starter motor over. The exhaust was hack sawed off near the middle fairing and there was some melting going on. with a new battery it wanted to kick over but just didnt start.

So... with that said i basically tore it apart and am now rebuilding it. here's a list of what i have done so far
-New battery
-New starter motor
-New starter clutch since the springs on the old one were falling apart
-Installed used full exhaust
-New ignition
-Drained and filled with fresh oil
-Thorough cleaning of the carb

So heres where i am stuck

With everything done above it was time to start it. It was said that it was only sitting for about 6 months. but realistically with how flat the tires were and how much dust and dirt the scooter had collected it was more like 3-4 years. so i started cranking it over via push button under the seat and with a little throttle and it started giving me some blup blups for about 5-10 seconds then nothing then some more blups blups like its about to start and then it ran for about 3-5 seconds and died when i got off the throttle. i made a small idle adjustment on the carb and started it up again and a few more blup blups it started running this time for about 5-10 second.. then died and all of a sudden the push button stopped working. STUMPED. what did i do? so i pondered, youtubed for any ideas. and checked the starter relay. i got voltage there. so i then pulled out the starter motor and was going to bench test it and heard some jingling. shook it and could hear a bunch of metal in there.. so i ordered a new started motor.. almost had it.

4 days later starter motor showed up. installed it and lets try again. so this time more success blup blups and finally started! was idling fine. i had the middle stand up on a 2x4 so the back wheel was up in the air and it was going good. put some throttle in it not to much to just get the fluids going and it idled for about 5 minutes. thought ill just let it run for a little bit and get warmed up. started putting tools away. and then it made some funky clack clack noise and turned off. i thought that was weird so i went to start it again and nothing. push button stopped working again i am thinking no way again?!?! so.... pulled the starter motor off and shook it.. bunch of metal again jingling around?! i blew up two starter motors?!

So i ordered another one. its on the way but i don't want the same thing to happen again and really am just out of ideas of what could be making this happen.. there isnt many components to this scooter inside.. i did replace the starter clutch and had photos of how it went in and followed it correctly with the replacement

So i guess one main question is. Does the starter motor continuously spin with it running?

in the mean time i am going to disconnect the starter relay/motor tap in and try hook it back up to the handlebar button, when the bike is on accessories and i press the start button on the handle bars i can hear a relay click.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!
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