Bogging GY6 Scooter

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Bogging GY6 Scooter

Post by duke125 »

Hi everyone, I am new in this forum.
I recently bought a second hand GY6 scooter with 8000 Km on the clock and have a problem that seems to come and go randomly.
Here are the symptoms:
I can't run the scooter without giving it a bit of throttle.
Usually if I don't let it warm up, it will bog down when accelerating, sometimes even when I do warm it up it seriously bogs down under acceleration.
The problem is, sometimes, the scooter runs fine even without warming it up.

I have cleaned the carburetor, replaced engine oil (and didn't fill up too much), replaced autochoke, replaced fuel filter, and checked the air filter (it isn't new in fairly good condition).

What could be the problem causing that?

Thank you for your help!
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