Milage: 5000 - 10,000 Miles
Likes: Everything about it.
Dislikes: Just wish the seat was a little softer

Review: Overall very nice.”

Milage: 0 - 1000 Miles
Likes: Easy handling, Comfort, Upright position, Gas mpg (69+)
Dislikes: I would like a locking handbrake

Review: I've been riding cycles for over 50 years and lately I’ve had a comfort issue and [trouble with] the weight of a full sized bike. I wanted to try a scooter for couple years, but hesitated and I’m sorry I did. Now I don’t have to give up riding because of health issues and I'm glad I found the Kymco.

Plenty of cruising power and I have been riding with the big boys on Harley’s, etc. No problem keeping up with them.”

Milage: 1000 - 5000 Miles
Likes: Size and power
Dislikes: Engine doesn’t last long. I have mine in the garage because it costs too much to fix. I can’t even sell it for parts.

Review: For the price of this scooter, it’s not worth it. I took mine to a dealer in Philadelphia, PA and they told me that my best bet is to junk it. Coming from a dealer, I found that shocking. So I wasted my money on something that is not reliable. I can’t even find a replacement engine for it like they said. I don’t want to junk it, but what else can I do.”

Milage: 5000 - 10,000 Miles
Likes: Looks great, much better than your average scooter. Gets lots of compliments from big bike riders. Powerful engine that gets you off the line in a hurry and still has plenty of power once you’re past 60 mph. Easy to work on if you have any type of mechanical aptitude. Excellent fuel economy as I am averaging 72.5. Worst was 68 when new and not broke in, and best was 77 when taking it easy. Nice instrument layout, good and bright at night. Decent storage space under the seat, Adjustable rear shock, nice touch. All around nice looking scooter that turns heads wherever I go. Maintains speeds of +70 with little effort, nice windshield deflects well. Great highway scooter.
Dislikes: Not much to complaint about. Wish the seat were a further back, adjustable and tilted upwards more as you feel like the seat is pushing you forward. Back rest would have been nice but you cant expect everything. That’s about it. Not much to dislike.

Review: I tried out the Yamaha Majesty, the Suzuki Burgman and the Honda Reflex and decided on the Kymco because it just looks awesome. And the power seemed to be greater even though the Suzuki and Yamaha have greater displacements. But truth be told, had I been able to get a Majesty in white I would have opted for the Majesty because it felt the most comfortable and seemed like the "best built" of the 4. Burgmans are nice but they look like it was built as it was thought up....piece by piece and not like it was designed before hand. Honda not availabe in white either. When on a scooter you need to be seen and dark colors such as charcoal or black are just too dangerous.”

Milage: 0 - 1000 Miles
Likes: Great power for a bargain price
Dislikes: Seat a little short

Review: I bought the SuperDink 300 ABS after originally having a 125 for a year. The 125 was just a bit underpowered especially 2 up. I was a previous motorcycle owner riding 800 VFR, but since I retired early to Spain a scooter seemed the best bet.

The bike really does what it says on the can and has a true 85 mph. I don't miss my bike days either which really says it all.”


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