Milage: 1000 - 5000 Miles
Likes: Fun, easy to handle, stout engine
Dislikes: Top speed

Review: A couple of years ago found one used. Previous owners had hardly used as it only had 1900 kilometers. I have it three years of light use during which I got it up to 5500 kilometers. I did have to pay a mechanic to take engine apart and clean. I suspect previous owner had run 87 octane in addition to letting gas sit in tank for long time periods. My mechanic was very impressed by the build quality of the engine stating he found it to be very solid.

Insurance is very little. It has been basic deregulated allowing me to now hit 42-43mph with gas mileage of 70-75 mpg. Mechanic stated more could be done but suspected could affect engine life so I left it alone. One of these would be a good buy if you are able to ride for 300-400 miles a month or to work saving you on car insurance. As little as I ride I might be losing money paying insurance and registration.”

Milage: 1000 - 5000 Miles
Likes: Inexpensive to operate, easy to work on
Dislikes: Seat a little low for me, a bit cheaply made

Review: Picked up a 15-year-old 2002 with < 1500mi that was in decent shape for $500. Cleaned the carb and the scooter and picked up a rear fender on e-bay. Basic maintenance - new plug, air filter, fluids, belt and I've got a great little commuter for around town. I like to tinker on engines and found this engine and drivetrain easy to work on and adjust. There are a few lost screws here and there that make me think some things just came loose, but it had so few miles it seems a bit odd.

As noted by others, speedo is at least 10% optimistic. I'm not a large person (165lbs) and can get it up to a true 55mph on flat ground. I've ridden short distances 2-up and probably wouldn't go far or very fast that way. I do find it a little cramped as I'm long-legged 6' with 34" inseam but it works great if I simply scoot back a bit on the seat.

I've now run 3 whole gallons through it in the past 4 months and am easily getting a consistent 80mpg.

The fix for little under-seat storage was an inexpensive 30L top-case from Walmart for ~$25 that works great.

I plan to use this exclusively for my 2 mile in-town commute this year and see how it goes; only downside is the toll the rain will take on the scooter here in the PNW.

A few minor things that would be nice. First would be better rear brakes. Predictably the rear drum takes a lot more effort than the front. Second would be for a bit more power so 55mph was more easily maintained, especially up a modest grade; that would make this scooter even more useful for getting to a few neighboring towns. Perhaps one day I'll upgrade to a PCX 150 but this was an inexpensive way to see if a scooter could meet my needs and not be too disappointing (I previously owned a 2001 Yamaha FZ1).”

Milage: 5000 - 10,000 Miles
Likes: -
Dislikes: -

Review: I've been riding scooters and motorcycles for 40 years. I currently own and ride this Kymco People 150, a Honda Helix 250, and a BMW R100RT.

I use the Kymco for around town at speeds up to 55 mph or so. It can certainly handle highways 1-up; but at 6'1" tall I just don't enjoy the Kymco's sit-up straight seating position when on the highway, so I use the Helix or the BMW for highway trips.

The Kymco has excellent quality, as good as the Japanese manufacturers, and it is a real bargain used. I weigh 290 pounds, and the Kymco has more than enough power and zip to keep up with all of the traffic I drive it in. Super reliable, starts first time every time, very reliable. I would not hesitate to own or recommend Kymco scooters to anyone.”

Milage: 0 - 1000 Miles
Likes: Power, 16” Wheels, Storage, Fitment
Dislikes: Hard Seat, Smallish Foot Area, Mirrors

Review: Bought this 09 Garage Queen with only 400 miles on her. I'm impressed with the quality and fitment of the scoot, and am happy with the power to move this 230-pound rider.

The seat is both high and hard - I'm 5’11” and need all of that to get my feet on the ground. My other ride is a Harley Heritage, and I am continually wanting that seat comfort and height. That said, I'm very pleased with Kymco's quality. No junk switches like other scoots I've ridden - this is a well made solid scoot.”


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