FREY AM1000 eBike

[Video] FREY AM1000 Pushed to It’s Limits

eBike Enthusiast Takes His FREY AM1000 Through a Flooded Lake

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YouTuber Just Enjoying Life takes his FREY AM1000 through a flooded lake in his area to test it’s limits. We don’t recommend Taking your eBike through any water bigger than a puddle but this video can give you the confidence that even in extreme weather conditions your FREY eBikes Will get you back home. The FREY AM1000 is an Enduro class eBike that comes featuring all of the name-brand goodies you would want on a trail weapon. Check out they sell direct-to-consumer through Alibaba.

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  1. The Frey AM1000 were only available on back-order when I went looking this April (estimated 3-to-4 months before shipping)… but of the few ebikes I found with comparable components *and* power, none were actually available at all when I went shopping. I would have had to spend over a thousand more to order something comparable at that time.

    The AM1000 is already more than I can really afford, but anything with less power seems more likely to leave me stranded.

    They make a newer more powerful model but it’s just out of my price range.

    So… “Later” sounds better than “No.”

    I purchased the Frey AM1000. Hopefully it will ship soon?!?

    Every bit of info I’ve found about the equipment on this bike, leads me to believe I’ve made a good choice; if Frey can keep getting bikes shipped out? I hope to report back here after a few rides!

      1. This week I got an email that the Frey AM1000 we ordered has been assembled, tested, & sent to packing! I had never placed an order via Alibaba before, so Ivy & Cecilia’s patience & help in getting this far, has been very much appreciated!

        Frankly I can’t wait to lay hands on this ebike & see which of our use cases it will cover best! (I suspect I won’t need to do much to it, if at all, for the majority of our riding! A dropper seatpost sure seems like something I’ll want!)


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